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Hot water with Lemon

This is a simple yet powerful practice to help cleanse and detoxify your system. Lemons supply vitamin C, as well as liver-regenerating enzymes.

Heat some water, pour into a mug, squeeze in the juice of half a fresh lemon, and have an awesome day!

SBO+ Probiotics

Create harmony in your gut & body for ultimate wellbeing, immunity, and beautiful skin.

We offer a powerful formula featuring clinically researched soil-based organism (SBO) strains in the proper ratios, as well as prebiotics and post-biotics.

The Glowing Green Smoothie

This is my signature elixir (that I’ve made everywhere from Dr. Oz to Good Morning America and beyond!), which gives you an incredible amount of energy and nutrition as it detoxifies toxins.

The Beauty Detox Solution

My first book baby , this is our classic community read that lays out our foundational dietary principles, including food combining and eating Light to Heavy.

We guarantee reading this book will change your life in some way!

Feel Good Circle

Feeling Good is about feeling comfortable just being ourselves in our messy, perfectly imperfect lives.

The FEEL GOOD Circle is our community offering dedicated to nourishing the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of ourselves, in order to live truly happy, healthy lives.


Let’s Eat Green Food this St. Paddy’s Day

As part of the St. Paddy’s Day tradition, today’s recipe roundup post is all about rocking green food on your […]

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As part of the St. Paddy’s Day tradition, today’s recipe roundup post is all about rocking green food on your plate this holiday! I just love the color green and I love every green food there is out there. We are so lucky to have such a variety of green food available to us these days. And it’s important that we work to rotate a variety of greens into our diets.

By incorporating a wide variety of non-processed green food into your diet, you’re more likely to ensure you’re covering all your bases in terms of vitamins and minerals. You all know that I have a GGS to start off my day. Then sometimes I eat multiple salads throughout my day too. This way I am benefiting from all the different amazing perks these green foods have to offer.

I always recommend rotating your greens and all foods, really. There’s always a possibility of “too much of a good thing” even where healthy foods are concerned. From smoothies to soups, to salads to pasta, there are so many different ways you can rock green food on your plate this St. Paddy’s Day. So mix it up a bit and most of all, have fun!

Creamy Spirulina Greens Smoothie

The first green food in today’s recipe roundup is my Creamy Spirulina Greens Smoothie recipe. Spirulina is a blue-green microalgae with potent properties that definitely belongs in your smoothie supplies. This superfood provides an amazing source of steady energy for those looking for a non-caffeinated boost. It also revitalizes hair and skin health while heightening brain function and overall health. With over 100 nutrients and containing 60% protein I just love how powerful this green food is. Spirulina is so magical I’ve actually done a podcast on all its benefits that you definitely should check out!!

Green Chia and Moringa Smoothie Bowl

My next green food for you to check out this St. Paddy’s day is my Green Chia and Moringa Smoothie Bowl recipe. What makes this smoothie bowl green is the incredible moringa powder that comes from what many people call a “miracle tree”. You’ll find moringa in your local health market and this green food is one to definitely have on hand. A single serving of Moringa contains about 3 times the iron in spinach, helping you enrich your blood, carrying life, energy, and oxygen into your muscles, organ, and tissues.  Moringa is also rich in antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation—contributing to healthy cell production and regeneration.

Feel West Coast: Kale-ifornia Salad

If you are looking to fill your plate with vibrant green food than may I suggest doing so with my Feel West Coast: Kale-ifornia Salad recipe. Not only in this recipe will you be getting your greens in from kale, but also from fennel and basil! Each of these greens pack an array of benefits bounds to make you feel amazing when consuming them. Fennel for example, can help with constipation, it can help to strengthen our immune system, and it can help us ladies with menstrual disorders. While basil has an anti-microbial activity which fights against a wide range of bacteria, yeasts, molds and viruses, being a great immune-booster (particularly in these cooler months). And kale, well there is just so much to say about this beautiful green leaf but I will keep it short. It’s packed with phytochemicals, fiber and chlorophyll — a major blood builder — which helps promote glowing skin and many other beauty benefits. It’s also really high in plant protein!

Protein-y Brussels Sprouts Salad

Do you know what else is a great source of plant protein? Brussels sprouts! Not to mention they are delicious green food that you should definitely enjoy this Saint Paddy’s Day! Check out my Protein-y Brussels Sprouts Salad for a tasty way to cook them up. Brussels sprouts are one of the many great plant-based sources that can fill our body with essential amino acids! These 8 amino acids are necessary for us to consume because our bodies can’t produce on their own. They help us build strong healthy locks and lean muscle mass. So if you haven’t branched out and tried this green food, I highly suggest you do! This salad is easy to make and it’s also warm which is always nice during these cooler months.  

Zucchini Pasta Salad Recipe

I am obsessed with zucchini noodles and once you try my Zucchini Pasta Salad Recipe you just might be too! Zucchini is a super tasty green food that can be enjoyed in some many different ways. But no matter how you consume zucchini, you will still get all its amazing benefits. Zucchini is extremely hydrating since it contains lots of water. It’s also loaded with lots of minerals. Using zucchini in place of traditional noodles is a great choice. It’s naturally low in calories and high in fiber, so it gives you the feeling of being full longer.

Glowing Green Soup

Many of you have had my Glowing Green Smoothie recipe, but have you tried my Glowing Green Soup yet? As the title states, this recipe glows a vibrant green color. so  I am going to entice you to make it for St. Paddy’s day! Loaded with avocado, spinach, zucchini, and sprouts, you are definitely rocking your greens to the fullest when you make this soup. This is super easy to make and it will be sure to fill your taste buds with delight. Not to mention your body will thank you for all the wonderful nutrients you are providing it with!

So have fun with this holiday and see how many different green foods you take in to celebrate the day. We have so many other recipes featuring green foods on Honeybee. Be sure to click around and find one you like if these don’t excite you. And don’t forget to tag me in your Instagram or Pinterest posts when you make them. I just love to see all your recipe creations come to life!


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