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Hi Beauties,

Today I’m going to talk about The Buzz On Celery Juice. You may have heard how popular celery juice has become. It’s actually been quite difficult, in the last few months especially, to even find organic celery at the grocery store because there is such a high demand right now for celery juice.

It makes me smile and laugh a little bit, because in our Beauty Detox Solluna Community, we’ve been utilizing celery for years in our Glowing Green Smoothie®. It is one of the core ingredients in the classic GGS recipe, and I remember, for years and years, people have always said to me, “Oh, isn’t celery an empty vegetable?” because it’s mostly water. I always said, “No, there’s actually an amazing mix of minerals and nutrients, and there’s a really high quality to celery.”

It has caught up now. Celery is very, very popular and it’s something that’s a bit of a buzz right now in the health world. I want to cover why it’s so popular and my take on how we can continue to incorporate it in the most strategic ways. Not only for our maximum benefits for our health and beauty, but our energy overall.

Celery’s Fantastic Compounds

First of all, celery juice has fantastic compounds, not only for our beauty. I talked about this in the Beauty Detox Foods. It has a perfect mix of organic electrolytes, organic sodium and potassium, which help to reduce puffiness and under-eye circles. They can help to improve the quality of your skin. Celery is a high concentration of water, so it, of course, is very hydrating.

It also has compounds which can help reduce inflammation in your body, as well as high blood pressure. Celery has become a wonderful food for overall health and overall regulating the homeostasis in your body.

Two Beneficial Antioxidants

There’s two compounds here, I’m going to call them out, two beneficial antioxidants, and I’m going to try to say them correctly. Apigenin and luteolin. There is research showing that apigenin and luteolin help reduce inflammation and can help treat a range of inflammatory diseases.

We know that inflammation is the precursor to most all illness, all aging, everything from high blood pressure, heart disease, and wrinkles. Anything that’s going to help quell and reduce the inflammation in the body, such as celery juice, is a wonderful aid.

Apigenin and luteolin also help ease allergies, protect against certain brain disease, and halt the growth of certain cancer. Celery juice is also extremely low in sugar and one of the reasons it is extremely popular across the board.

This overheating, over-agitation of the body really sears our cells and our tissues and causes all sorts of damage in the body.  Anything that helps to soothe your system and reduce inflammation, is going to be really beneficial.

What I Think About Celery Juice

Now, here’s my take. I think that celery is fantastic. It is mostly water, but there is still a bit of fiber in it, so my take is to still include it in your Glowing Green Smoothie®. Juice is great. I’ve always said juice is fantastic, and I have a juice and smoothie bar at the the Four Seasons in L.A. Come visit me if you are in town. I still like it in the smoothie form, blended. It’s very watery, but there is a fibrous component as well.

I also like to eat celery. I think it adds crunch. It’s great to chop up, put it in your salads, to have celery sticks with hummus. The juice is really trendy, but I’m always a fan of the whole foods with the fiber and the juice intact, so we get all the benefits of the whole food itself.

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In Closing

Bottom line is, keep going for the celery, check it out at your farmer’s market, your local market. Also keep it in your rotation, in your GGS, and other smoothies. You can add it into your salads, in your food, in anything that you’re preparing. It’s a great food to have on hand if you can source it these days. You will benefit from all these wonderful anti-inflammatory, hydrating, mineralizing benefits that celery has to offer.

Lots of love, Beauties. Thank you so much for tuning in. Make sure to check around my Solluna website here. There’s lots of other resources for you, including our feel good podcast, so you can go deeper on your own personal health journey.

Sending you lots of love, and I will see you back here soon! ????????