Are you ready for some amazing Vegan Holiday Drink Recipes? I’ve rounded up my favorite festive sips that deserve a spot in your holiday line up this season. Take a look through this list of smoothies, elixirs, and teas and find one or two that call to you! And then be sure to enjoy them all winter long.

Sweet Chai Smoothie Recipe

Nothing sings a jolly vegan holiday drink recipe better than my oh so favorite Sweet Chai Smoothie. Such festive spices and creamy dairy-free milk make this smoothie one of my all-time favorites during this special season. 

Did you know that all the spices found in chai are packed with antioxidants? That’s right! All the amazing flavors of chai such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and allspice are filled with an array of antioxidants and digestive support that are totally worth indulging in!  What’s more, they all are considered to be warming spices (besides ginger), perfect for the wintertime!

Unlike many other chai drinks you might find at a coffee shop, this Sweet Chai Smoothie recipe is made up of unsweetened almond milk. That’s right! To give it a nice sweet flavor, use dates or your favorite sweetener. When it comes to talking sweeteners, these guys can be a tricky subject. What’s important is to stick away from sweeteners with refined sugars and dangerous additives. No one needs to deal with those pesky things when we are blessed with so many other amazing options. If you aren’t interested in using dates, try coconut nectar or honey (which is not technically vegan). 

However you choose to sweeten up this vegan holiday drink, don’t forget to sprinkle on a little festive flair with a candy cane (paper) straw. Or even a touch of peppermint. Whatever tickles your holiday spirit, just enjoy knowing that you are treating yourself to a nutritious and delicious smoothie!

Winter Immunitea Elixir Recipe

Now if you are on the lookout for a warming and healing vegan holiday drink recipe I’ve got the answer for you. My Winter Immunitea Elixir Recipe will heat you up on the inside while giving you a little immunity boost during the time of year when we all need it the most! Not only does flu season run high in the wintertime, but also many of us are more exposed to germs during this time. These things can detrimental to your overall health and well-being. So why not give yourself an advantage by sipping on something super good for you! 

By filling your cup up with some of this Winter Immunitea Elixir recipe you are filling your body with boosting nutrients that can help lead you to vibrant health! Ginger, turmeric, lemon, water, cayenne pepper, and coconut nectar is all it takes for this powerful healing elixir. It’s so simple to make that you might as well just keep these ingredients on hand all winter long so you can reach for them anytime you need a pick me up! 

Another way to get a helpful healing boost during the holiday season is through my Feel Good SBO Probiotics. This powerful formula is a unique formula containing soil based organisms (SBOs) that support your immune system and your energy level. They help to improve your ability to digest and assimilate macronutrients and speed up the elimination of waste too. More than any other probiotic formula, the multiple strains increase the potency and effectiveness and most closely reflects what would be found in nature, eating wild or unwashed organic food.

Holiday Apple Pear Smoothie Recipe

Apples and pears are such a perfect holiday fruit! For starters, they both come in festive colors and shaped like beautiful little ornaments perfect to hang on the tree. It’s like they are designed just for this special sweet season! So you can understand, while you are looking for vegan holiday drink recipes, my Holiday Apple Pear Smoothie Recipe just had to make this list!

Not only do apples and pears look festive but they come with all the right nutrients that everyone can use during the holiday season. Pears will gift you that softer more supple skin just in time for your holiday party. Plus they help to minimize damage to collagen, helping your skin look it’s finest!  Apples have a special type of soluble dietary fiber called pectin that is particularly cleansing to your inner system. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little extra cleansing boost when all the holiday sweets are so easy at reach?!

If you are looking for a special gift to give this year, but are short on holiday cash, why not offer to make this delicious smoothie for your loved ones? Because really what is important this holiday season is to embrace this time of year for being grateful and getting together with our loved ones. And why not give your special someone a gift that will not only nourish their insides but will help give them a boost? I am sure they will love it! And be so thankful for your thoughtful gesture too!

Hot Chocolate Protein Smoothie Booster Recipe


Now if you are a chocolate lover, like myself, no vegan holiday drink recipe line up is complete without this special treat. Enter my Hot Chocolate Protein Smoothie Booster recipe. This naturally rich antioxidant smoothie will boost your immunity and your energy. Thank you cacao! Plus its got protein powder will give you all the long sustaining energy you need to get through that holiday shopping!

If you are in a pinch for time during the super-busy holidays, smoothies can be a real lifesaver. When you blend nutrients you essentially help them pre-digest, so you’re easily able to get in great nutrition while on the go! And since this smoothie has a banana, hemp milk, chia seeds, and raw cacao, you are treating yourself with a great deal of nutritious benefits!

Speaking of ways to get nutritious foods in, this Hot Chocolate Protein Smoothie Booster recipe is one that you can treat your kids to as well. Bonus points for you, they will think they are getting dessert! :) It’s perfect for your chocolate-loving little one. Just be mindful that this smoothie contains cacao which has theobromine. Which is caffeine and can be a bit of a stimulant if you have too much.

Festive Spice Holiday Smoothie Recipe


Looking for a way to stay on track this holiday season, but still want to celebrate with something tasty? I’ve got the answer. Try out my Festive Spice Holiday Smoothie Recipe. While there is nothing wrong with some occasional indulgence, why not treat yourself to something that is actually good for you this season? Filled with minerals, protein, fiber, and vitamins, sipping on this smoothie is one way to load up on healthy ingredients. 

This vegan holiday drink recipe is rich with festive cheer! Cranberries, raspberries, and spinach bring out all the fun holiday colors with all the desirable health benefits. These berries are at the top of the list when it comes to getting in your antioxidants. And they are superior sources of fighting inflammation too. Plus the vibrant spinach comes packed with vitamins K, A, and C. All of these things are major bonus points for your beauty! 

One way to sparkle and shine this season is to whip up this Festive Spice Holiday Smoothie Recipe. Top it off with some fresh cranberries to really make it jolly. Even a paper candy cane striped straw will add in some fun flair!

So Beauties, I hope you take the time of your busy holiday season to try one of my Festive Holiday Smoothies! They are so fun and cheerful. They definitely are photo-worthy too! Snap a picture of yourself sipping on your drink and share it with all your besties on Instagram. Be an inspiration on social! And be sure to tag me in your Instagram post so I can see it. And lastly, don’t forget to pin each of these photos above to your Pinterest boards.

Lots of love to you always,