Does the name Dr. Bach sound familiar? Dr. Edward Bach was a British physician who wanted to get to the root cause of physical imbalances, rather than focusing on treating the symptoms. He became a homeopathic doctor and soon after, discovered yet another form of healing.

In the 1930s, while living in the English countryside with fields of flowers all around him, Dr. Bach began to work with the dewdrops on flowers and moved on to developing a solar-infusion method to increase production.

These blossoms not only capture but emit large quantities of light from the sun. And so, Bach collected the flowers’ mother essence by soaking the flowers in water in the sunlight and then further diluted this to treat himself and his patients.

It has been noted that during Bach’s lifetime, he collected a total of 38 remedies, classified their healing properties, and documented the effects on his patients. It is through Dr. Bach’s work that led to the resurgence of the use of flower elixirs in the Western world. Pretty brilliant, right?!

Because the essence from these flowers dissolve tension and stress, it makes sense for flower elixirs to contribute in slowing down our minds, and making it easier to wind down and to sleep more soundly.

Among these amazing flower essences is lavender. And today we’ll be using an organic lavender tea, which is derived from the lavender buds of the flowering plant — you know, the same beautiful flowers you see in drawer sachets at country markets. Many tea brands contain toxins from pesticides, so choosing organic is better for your health.