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Feeling Good means we are healthy, balanced, peaceful, confident and joyful, right in the midst of our perfectly imperfect lives. Feeling Good requires us to tune in and nourish our whole selves, which is made up of the four Solluna Cornerstones: our food, our bodies, our emotional well-being and our spiritual growth. Feeling good naturally leads to also looking good, in a much more powerful way from glowing skin created from within, a beautifully healthy body, radiant energy, and a greater level of overall well-being and personal growth.

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This week’s topic is: How To Do a Life Detox

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Amelia –  Newcastle, Wyoming

This isn’t the typical detox question but I was wondering how much clutter in our homes affects our mind and overall emotional wellbeing? I’m feeling stuck and in a rut and not sure if the clutter has anything to do with having the right mindset?

Ava – Richmond, Virginia

My life never feels good enough. I am stuck. What do you suggest to uplift my spirits so I feel more balanced and have wellbeing?

June – Dallas, TX

I feel like I depend on technology too much and not sure how to balance when it’s useful to my every health goals (like, when I want to look up health related topics), or when it’s overtaking my life and having a negative effect. Any tips on how to balance this part of our lives?

Kate – Boston, Massachusetts 

I feel like I need an overall detox. From the foods I eat, to exercise, and meditating, to having a better routine and everything in-between. How do I even begin to start, without feeling overwhelmed and remaining positive?

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

Small daily shifts add up to big lifelong changes.


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Kimberly: Hi Beauties. Welcome back to our Q and A Thursday podcast where we love to hear what you are wondering, and all these questions have come directly from our beloved Solluna community. Our topic today is, how to do a life detox, which is a huge topic because everything affects everything else, all different parts of our life, from our relationships, our home space, our kitchens, everything affects the clutter in our minds, in our bodies, which can translate to everything, including holding on to excess weight to stress in the mind. It really is a lifestyle that we teach. And I love this topic. I think we had some amazing questions come in. I’m super excited.

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Kimberly: Before we get going, I just want to give you two little reminders. Number one, please remember to subscribe to our podcast, so you do not miss any of our Feel Good Podcast episodes. We cover so many different aspects of wellness and beauty. And yeah, tune in so that you make sure to receive all this information, and we stay closely connected. And number two, please take a moment or so out of your day and leave us a review on iTunes. It’s a really great way to support the show. We thank you so much. Reviews are important, and I wouldn’t ask if it didn’t mean a lot to me and to us. We put a lot of energy into the show. We love to spread the love, and leaving a review is a really great way to energetically support. So thank you in advance.

Kimberly: All that being said, we have our lovely Katelyn on the line, our general manager of Solluna who is patiently waiting for us. She’s gathered the questions. Hi, K.

Katelyn: Hey, and hey, Beauties. As always, happy to be here. This is a big topic. I think detox can sometimes have a negative connotation, and it’s good to always have an ongoing detox in your life, so I think we’ll talk about that today and ways to apply in every area.

Kimberly: It’s funny because I think we live in a society which is so focused on accumulating more and adding more and taking more products and supplements and things. But actually, the beauty of unraveling, letting the onions of the layer shed so to speak, simplifying our lives, letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore, it could be a food, it could be a relationship, it could be clutter in your closet, letting go of more creates more space.

Kimberly: And space is this element. There’s fire. There’s water. There’s earth. There’s air. And these elements work in the medium of space. So when there’s more space, it means there’s more universal intelligence. There’s more chi that’s able to circulate. And that life force, that intelligence opens up so much in our bodies, in our homes, in our minds. So it’s actually, detoxing as a way of life isn’t meaning it’s harsh, and you’re giving up, and you’re starving. It means that we’re actually clearing out to allow this life force’s chi to flow through the universal intelligence where we actually do feel our best, and we do look our best.

Kimberly: [inaudible] Intro.

Question 1: How much clutter in our homes affects our mind and overall emotional well-being?

Katelyn: Yeah, that’s a great intro just to dive in, and I guess we could just start with the questions, and we’ll flow from there. Okay, so [Amelia] from Newcastle, Wyoming is asking, “This isn’t a typical detox question, but I was wondering, how much clutter in our homes affects our mind and overall emotional well-being? I’m feeling stuck in a rut and not sure if the clutter has anything to do with having the right mindset.”

Kimberly: Amelia, this is an amazing question as we dive in to illustrate the connection between everything else. I talk about this in Beauty Detox Power as the example when we start cleaning out our lives, and we start cleaning out our bodies, one aspect, we start to want to clean out our closet. We start to want to clean out other parts of our life because energy is energy.

Kimberly: And it’s really powerful actually if you don’t know what to do mentally. If you do feel stuck in a rut, you can start with cleaning something out physically. Clean out your fridge. Clean out the clothes in your closet. Clean out a drawer at a time in your living room or in your kitchen cupboard. And it’s so empowering to let go. This energy of letting go what doesn’t serve you does have a huge impact on your mind.

Kimberly: So to answer your question, I know if my home is cluttered, and I come back from a trip, which is kind of recently for me, and there’s stuff everywhere, it’s very hard for me to be creative. So I inevitably end up feeling more stagnant. I end up snacking more. It affects my body. It affects my everything. Everything affects everything. So I think home space is really important.

Kimberly: I think task completion is important. In the morning, the first thing I do is I meditate. I do my practice, my spiritual practice, and then I make my bed. I make my bedroom look nice and clean. I’m in the bathroom. I use my products. I put them away. I wipe down the countertops. To me, having things put away allows more flow. I feel more calm. If you’re sitting in a mess, it could be a mess in your car, it could be a mess in your kitchen with the dishes piled up, it’s going to create more of an emotional rut, which translates to this contraction, this closeness, which means that we’re more susceptible to food cravings and things to help feel like they could jump start to get us out of a rut. So we want more caffeine, more sugar, all these things. So I think it’s a very powerful practice to clean up your space, let go, keep the clutter to a bare minimum in your living space, on your desk, where you work, in your car, wherever you see.

Kimberly: Sure, it requires more effort than throwing things around. But trust me, the less agitation, the more empowered you feel, the more calmness, everything in your life will feel more harmonious when your space, which is really what feng shui is based on. And I can’t remember the exact term in Ayurveda. It’s not rasa shastra, but there’s a part about lifestyle and homes, but feng shui is based on change your environment, change your space, you change your thoughts. You change what you look at. You change your thoughts. You change your quality of life.

Kimberly: So very passionate about this one, Amelia, but absolutely, I 100% believe that changing our space and decluttering will have a very powerful effect on your well-being and the lightness, the quality of lightness in our emotions and our day to day state.

Katelyn: Feel like we should challenge everybody that’s listening today to go through your closet or kitchen, your desk, and just remove some things that you don’t need anymore and then sit with that and maybe journal and see if you feel different.

Kimberly: Yes, I think that’s wonderful. I’m actually inspired to get a garbage bag right now, and when we’re done with this, I’m going to have Bubby come with me in the closet and throw all the clothes on the floor I don’t want. And he can help me put them in bags, and we’ll give them away to Goodwill. I love doing that. I love throwing things away. I always, always feel better if I’m feeling agitated. It’s hard for me to write. I’m in a rut. I know that if I go and clean things out, I’m going to lift my spirits. I’m going to feel better in some way.

Katelyn: Yeah, I was thinking that too, sitting at my desk like, “What could I not have around here?” So if you guys are thinking the same thing, take on that challenge today and write in and let us know over on mysolluna.com how you’re doing.

Question 2: What do you suggest to uplift my spirit, so I feel more balanced and have more well-being?

Katelyn: Let’s head into Eva’s question who’s living in Richmond, Virginia, and she says, “My life never feels good enough. I am stuck. What do you suggest to uplift my spirit, so I feel more balanced and have more well-being?”

Kimberly: Eva, thank you so much for that question. I think that feeling not good enough comes from comparison. It comes from expectation where we deny where we are. It means, I’m here, and I “should” be here. And when there’s a disconnect, when there’s a space, when there’s a divide, then we feel depressed. We feel anxious. We feel all that stress around there.

Kimberly: So this is very much the power of the now. This is very Eckhart Tolle. These are practices that have really helped me a lot. So the power of meditation and kriya yoga that I practice, which is bringing us into the now, if we feel really connected to where we are right now as we are, then we can create more acceptance, more surrender of being here. Then we don’t feel that anxiety because we’re here.

Kimberly: So when we don’t have to be anywhere else but right here, this is the point of power meaning when we’re… First, we have to accept where we are, and then we can feel how we’re feeling. We can start to move forward. We can start to take steps. We can start to eat in a way, shift our lifestyle, develop a practice that’s supportive, such as a meditation practice, so we can connect with ourselves. We can’t lament where we are and feel good. So we have to first accept. That’s Solluna. That’s the sun and the moon. That’s the dark and the light. That’s saying, “You know what? All these parts about myself I don’t like or the parts about my life I wish were different, right now, it is what it is.”

Kimberly: And when we accept, it means we connect with the now. And then we start to feel empowered. If I’m here in the now, you know what? I’m going to take some deep breaths. My next meal, I’m going to put some effort. I’m going to make it like this. I’m going to go shopping and get healthy food. I’m going to make hot water with lemon because we’re connected to the now if that makes sense. If we’re in our heads lamenting, “Oh, it should be this and should be that,” we’ve given up our power. We’re in this anxious energy, which doesn’t feel good to us or anyone else. Everybody can pick up on our energy whether we know that or not.

Kimberly: And so I think it’s really important to connect now through the breath. Breath-based practices will always bring us here. It’s one of the most powerful ways to get into the now and out of our head. The breath is something we can focus on as it comes in and it comes out, so we’re not “doing nothing”, which is really hard for our Western minds because the monkey mind keeps running and running. So I highly recommend Eva to find a breath-based pranayama practice. We have some free meditations that incorporate breathing exercises to start getting in. Any type of breath work I think will be really good for you just to come here into the now.

Kimberly: Then when you’re in the space of connecting more to yourself, I suggest that you write out the Solluna cornerstones, food, body, emotion, spirit. You can put other categories as well, professional, personal. And you write down goals or things you would like to bring in or things that you want to see from this point of power and calmness and not beating yourself up, “Oh, you know what? I am ready to get back on track with my diet. I want to make my Glowing Green Smoothie every day. Body-wise, I’m going to start incorporating three little parts of an evening ritual so that I start to have better sleep. Emotionally, I’m going to spend five minutes a day in my journal. I’m going to join the Solluna Circle. I’m going to start to incorporate that. I’m going to start meditating morning and evening, even if it’s a bit more brief.”

Kimberly: But you start to create goals and action points to uplift your life with actual tangible things you can do instead of lamenting that nothing’s good enough. That’s so disempowering. You’re just comparing yourself to some non-reality. It doesn’t exist. It’s not real because it’s all in your head. So connect with the now. Connect with your body now. Connect with your life now. Breathe, and then you can start to make goals and steps to move forward, and you will start to feel the power of that. But that power can’t come unless we really accept where we are in this moment.

Katelyn: I really appreciate your question, Eva, as I am very hard on myself and often feel like things are not good enough and to have these tips that Kimberly just recommended, personally, the mini drop-in meditation helps. If I text Kim, “I’m anxious,” she’ll say, “Mini meditation,” and I’m like, “Oh, right. Okay.” Because oftentimes, we feel like we don’t “have time”. I’m too busy, or that’ll detract from what I’m doing. But from personal experience, just taking those few moments, you guys can actually maybe use our little upcoming break here. Just sit quietly.

Kimberly: Close your eyes.

Katelyn: Close your eyes.

Kimberly: Take some breaths.

Katelyn: Take some breaths and think about everything, and then we’ll be back, and Kim will answer the next few questions.


Kimberly: All right, Beauties. We are back from our little break. Hope you feel great. Hope you took some deep breaths. If not, let’s take one. Or even if you did, let’s take a deep breath together. Just inhaling through your nose nice and slowly. And deep exhale and just imagine your shoulders relaxing, everything starting to flow out. Nice, slow, deep exhale. I feel relaxed, K, now as we go into our next two questions. I mean, breath is so powerful to shifting our mindset, to shifting us out of anxiety. So little reminder for all of us.

Katelyn: Yeah, just need a few moments to reset, and then we’re good to go.

Kimberly: That’s right.

Question 3: Do you have any tips on how to balance technology in our lives?

Question #3: I feel like I depend on technology too much, and I’m not sure how to balance when it’s useful. Do you have any tips on how to balance these parts of our lives?

Katelyn: So we’ll jump into June’s question who’s living in Dallas, Texas. She says, “I feel like I depend on technology too much, and I’m not sure how to balance when it’s useful, say, for looking at my health goals, or when it’s overtaking my life and having a negative effect. Do you have any tips on how to balance these parts of our lives?”

Kimberly: So June, I think this is a really great question about technology versus intuition. I know that if I spend too much time reading studies, reading all this information, and I don’t balance it with connecting to myself, I start to get confused because we’re being pulled outside of ourself, “Oh, but this study on coffee is conflicting from what this expert’s saying. Should I be eating more fat and not as many carbs? And this diet’s different than this.” So the constant pulling outside of ourselves can create that anxiety and confusion.

Kimberly: So I think the balance is a blocking time. I think for me, in the morning and the evening is a very important time to connect with yourself. So in the morning, I may do a quick glance, but I don’t really go into email. I don’t go into messages. I don’t go into social media. I don’t go into anything until I’ve had my practice, which for me is meditation and my beach walk, my time. And that’s the time where I connect to my breath, and I connect to myself. Same thing in the evening, I’m with my partner. We do our stretching. We do our meditation. We do our whole thing. And during that time, I’m not going to be pulled outside of myself. I’m not going to be scrolling through or reading articles.

Kimberly: So I block out morning and evening. I think these are critical junctions. It’s like the rising of the sun, the sunrise and the sunset. We’re coming into our power, and we’re going into rejuvenation. So I do not think these are the times necessarily to fill our brain with things.

Kimberly: I think technology-wise, there can be periods during the day where you are interested in a topic like your health goals or whatever, and you read a couple things. But I think unless we have sacred times, those very vulnerable important times in morning and evening can start going into, “Oh, let me read more and more.” And then it’s filling your head as you go into bed. You start to get pulled outside of yourself or as you start the day.

Kimberly: So to me it’s, keep it more in the middle of the day. And when you are connected to yourself, you will have a much better sense of, “Well, I know the answer for myself. I don’t need to read any more about this topic,” or “I get it. I know what feels right to me about this thing, whether I need this food, or I’m going to try this practice,” because you’re anchored into yourself. So the imbalances, we don’t have those practices with ourself, so we’re so confused about the onslaught of everything from the outside world. So it’s, the balance has to come from that. And I do recommend morning and evening for you and your intuition because nobody knows your body like you. Nobody can tune into yourself the way you can. So give yourself that sacred time, and then you can balance all the external information better.

Katelyn: It’s almost like the days roll into one another when you don’t do that. I know for a while, I would be on my phone till late at night, and then in the morning, first thing, I’m checking email and text and Facebook. And we had a conversation about dialing that back, and it really has helped with my anxiety where I have that time in the morning where I tell myself, I actually have to tell myself like, “It’s okay to not check your phone. Nothing’s going to happen in this hour.” And it seems silly, but it really, I would have anxiety about not checking things. And now that I’ve been doing it for a few months, I really feel like my days are separate where before, I just felt like it was a never ending cycle.

Kimberly: Exactly. Exactly. We have to carve out sacred time. Otherwise, what life do we have?

Katelyn: That present time.

Kimberly: It’s so key. The world we live in doesn’t encourage that. That’s not what necessarily all your colleagues and your neighbors and your friends may be doing is carving out inner time. But I think that is the key. I think this is the reason that every yoga master and yogi is taught to go within. And all these practices from Zen Buddhism to all these different mindfulness practices are about go within. We have to be strong and carve that out because no one else is going to do that for us, but that is the source.

Kimberly: We were talking about recently about getting past anxiety with aging and connecting to our true beauty and our power and getting past self doubt and low self esteem. Connect, connect. Connect in the morning. Connect in the evening. These two sacred junctures are something that I think is as important as drinking the Glowing Green Smoothie® and eating gluten free and eating nutrient dense berries and all these amazing foods.

Kimberly: Solluna is really about the lifestyle and the unseen, the spiritual part of well-being is so powerful and unfortunately, often overlooked, which is, that’s why it’s important that we talk about it a lot here because I think that could be a big key in your life, in your happiness, and in your balance, just feeling good in your mind. When you feel good in your mind, your body’s going to open up, and it’s going to be easier for you to maintain your weight and have the look of your body that you want as well.

Question 4: How do I start an overall detox without feeling overwhelmed and remain positive?

Katelyn: And I think Kate’s question here to round out the show is a good one. From Boston, Massachusetts, she’s saying, “I feel like I need an overall detox, from the foods I eat to exercise and meditating, to have a better routine and everything in between. How do I even begin to start without feeling overwhelmed and try to remain positive?”

Kimberly: Kate, thank you so much for your question. I love this question. I feel the power that it’s coming authentically from within you. Awareness is the greatest agent to change. And just the fact that you’re feeling that tension building means that great change and great shifts are going to come from that.

Kimberly: We’re talking about the morning routine. For me, I think if we think about shifting our whole life at once, it starts to feel very, very overwhelming. So I recommend starting with a morning practice and building from there. We could add physical elements into the morning practice on the space perspective as well. What I mean by that is you get up. You meditate. You breathe. You go in the kitchen. You take your SBO probiotics. You drink your hot water with lemon. You’re getting ready for work. You make your bed. You reduce clutter in your bedroom. You go in the bathroom. You do whatever you’re going to do. You wash your face. You put on your vitamin C serum, your Solluna eye cream, your moisturizer, whatever you’re going to do. And then you keep the bathroom clean. You put things away, so you don’t come home to clutter when you get home. Then you drink your Glowing Green Smoothie. You put it in your smoothie cup. You take it to work, whatever.

Kimberly: You get the morning dialed in. It’s like feeding yourself energetically. You start the day right. You’re going to start to feel good. And eventually, you’re going to start to build more things. Oh, I’m at work now? I’m going to make a chia pudding instead of reaching for some bagel or a snack. I’m going to clean up my desk. I want to feel more calm at work in the middle of the day. I’m going to have a soup and salad for lunch instead of a chicken sandwich, whatever. I’m going to start to cut dairy out of this or that.

Kimberly: Start to build up, up, up towards the afternoon, towards the way that you move your body, towards dinner. But start in the morning because it’s very empowering, and it will give you energy for the rest of the day and build from there. Get it dialed in. Make the practices that you choose in the morning be really solid and really grounded, so you feel really good when you follow them. And you want to follow them, and you progress from there. And I think that is the way to to create really big life shifts without feeling overwhelmed.

Katelyn: Covered so much today, guys. As always, if you want more information on this topic, we have some amazing articles, vlogs, and other related podcasts we will link to over on mysolluna today. And as always, if you would like to submit a question or a topic you want us to talk about, that’s also over on mysolluna.com/askkimberly. There’s a form there as always. Fill it out. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking and feeling, so we can keep the show really authentic to you guys.

Kimberly: Awesome, K.

Thought of the Week

Katelyn: Awesome. Well, before we let you go, as always, do you have a quote of the week in mind?

Kimberly: So here’s my thought based around this topic and based what comes to mind for me, small daily shifts add up to big lifelong changes. So we’re talking life detox. We’re talking about shedding all the layers of what doesn’t serve us anymore and letting it go, so we can be in our power, in our authentic self, let the life force, the chi, the connection, the perfection, connection to source come through, whatever we want to say. So it doesn’t have to be this one big monumental thing like, “I’m going to overhaul my whole diet,” or “I’m going to have this perfect workout two hours a day every day.” It’s a small shifts, starting with hot water with lemon, shopping for the lemons, putting away my makeup every day, keeping my kitchen more clean, making my Glowing Green Smoothie® in batches, so I don’t run out, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Kimberly: These little shifts, it’s like we’re turning the boat a couple degrees, but over time, they start to add up in such huge powerful dividends, and it really has a huge effect on our life when these little shifts start to add up. So it’s the small daily changes, little things. Today, if you decide to do one thing that you haven’t been doing, remembering to take your SBO probiotics every day or keeping your dry brush in your shower and dry brushing your skin three times a week, whatever, these little shifts, little things that you’ve wanted to do that you know are good for you, that you know will make you feel good, commit to one, even one.

Kimberly: And just build from there and notice the power of your life. Notice how your life starts to feel more in tune and harmonious and how powerful you feel because you… Here’s the truth. We are all so powerful. I think we’re not even close to using our potential. We have so much to give the world. We have so much uniqueness to share, and these little shifts start to move us towards that full, full empowerment.

Kimberly: So thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for being part of our Solluna community. We love you so much. I am so grateful for you. As K mentioned, please keep the questions coming. Please go over to mysolluna.com and check out all our resources. We have information, products, articles, recipes, supplement, skincare. Make sure that you subscribe to our Feel Good Podcast, so you don’t miss out on any information. Little shout out again to please leave us a review. Finally, remember we have daily inspiration on Instagram at @_kimberlysnyder. Otherwise, we will see you back here Monday for our interview podcast. Take care. Lots of love. Thank you so much, K, and we will see back here soon.