With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the season for love and self-care, Beauties! Whether or not you have a special Valentine, this holiday is the perfect excuse to show yourself a little extra love. And what better way to do that than to indulge in a sweet vegan Valentine’s dessert that tastes great AND is great for you?!

I’ve pulled together some of my favorite Self-Love Dessert Recipes for Valentine’s Day that are all about cultivating self-love from the inside out. They each contain special superfoods that promote feelings of joy, increase energy and boost your True Beauty. And did I mention they taste super indulgent without weighing you down? You’re going to want to whip up one (or more!) of these sweet treats, trust me ;)

Red Velvet Love Truffles Recipe

My Red Velvet Love Truffles Recipe is the perfect self-love vegan Valentine’s dessert. Feel the joy of delicious, bliss-promoting raw chocolate as you bite into one of these little guys! Forget all-purpose flour, refined sugar and artificial coloring that you typically find in a red velvet recipe. Rather, these love truffles are made with nutrient-dense almond flour, fiber-filled dates and antioxidant-rich beetroot powder.

With this recipe, I’ve nixed the conventional ingredients that leave you feeling sluggish and tired, and replaced them with natural, whole food-based ingredients that will make you feel amazing! You’ll get all the indulgent taste of a red velvet dessert without all the crap. Making a batch of these truffles is a physical extension of love for yourself or others (if you choose to share ;)!

Spicy Beauty Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Are you the type of gal who loves a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day? Well, you’re in luck because my Spicy Beauty Chocolate Truffle Recipe takes a unique and healthy spin on regular chocolate truffles.

In essence, these delicious little bites are loaded with immunity-boosting chili and energy-opening cacao. Ancho chili peppers are the secret ingredient that help fight inflammation, clear congestion and boost immunity. Additionally, raw cacao powder provides a boost for your bliss, energy and cognitive function. What better way to show yourself love than to keep your body healthy and lifted, while taking your tastebuds on a flavor adventure with the vegan Valentine’s dessert?

Sexy Time Smoothie Recipe

If you’re all about sipping your self-love vegan Valentine’s dessert, this Sexy Time Smoothie Recipe is for you! It’s a libido-boosting smoothie recipe that has all the right amounts of sexy and spicy. And it’s loaded with superfoods that will make you look and feel hot! Think: powerful maca for good hormone health and libido, aphrodisiacal cacao to boost bliss levels, and stimulating cayenne pepper to increase circulation.

Regardless of whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone, you’re going to want to try this smoothie to feel like the sexy goddess you are!

Feel Boosted Lemon Poppy Seed Bites Recipe

Not a big chocolate fan? I’ve got another amazing self-love vegan Valentine’s dessert that you’ll love – my sweet and zesty Feel Boosted Lemon Poppy Seed Bites. Poppy seeds are an amazing enhancer to boost your brain function. They’re also are a great source of minerals, like calcium, iron, and magnesium. Plus, our bodies need these minerals to regulate brain activity, develop neurons and produce neurotransmitters.

Practice self-care by giving your brain a loving boost with these sweet treats!

Matcha Chocolate Fudge Recipe

What’s Valentine’s Day without some decadent fudge? But not just any old fudge… my dairy-free Matcha Chocolate Fudge! The key ingredient is matcha powder, which gives this fudge its signature green color and True Beauty properties. Matcha is considered a beauty adaptogen, which helps our bodies to ward off stress…And who of us can’t benefit by reducing our stress levels?! Stress reduction and dessert is the perfect act of self-love, if you ask me!

Well Beauties, I hope you get your self-love on this Valentine’s Day! Take a hot bath, get a massage, curl up with a cup of tea… and don’t forget to make yourself some of these vegan Valentine’s desserts. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

Sending you Lots of Love,