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Today’s solocast topic is: Finding True Love

Love and sharing life and relationships is something that a lot of us naturally want to have. We are social beings that love to share our lives, share the ups and downs, feel a closeness, long for intimacy and love, and have that love light us up inside.

There are some of us that are cool being on our own, and I totally respect that. However, I think for a lot of us, having a deeply fulfilling love relationship is something that could really elevate our lives. If you already are in a committed relationship, I think this topic will still resonate with you as well, because as I go through four tools for finding true love, these are ones that you can continue to work on in your own current relationship to deepen your connection.

Everything is so interconnected, which is why we have our Four Cornerstones of True Beauty – food, body, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. Love, health, abundance, and our energy, it’s all frequency and one thing. 

I’m so excited to share my love with you. To share that excitement, energy, joyfulness, and what’s possible. I want to share the wisdom I’ve been able to glean through my experiences as well as some research that will hopefully be useful to you in your life.

Topics Covered In Finding Love

#1. Four effective ways to find love

#2. Why it’s important to work on yourself

#3. How to simply be yourself

#4. Clarity and avoiding patterns

#5. Stay open to connecting on the soul level


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Kimberly : 00:00 H Beauties. Welcome back to our Monday solocast podcast, where our topic today is Finding True Love. And I love this topic because I think that love and sharing life and relationships is something that a lot of us naturally want to have. We are social beings, we love to share our lives, we want to share the ups and downs, we want to feel closeness, we long for intimacy and love and having that love light up inside of us.

Kimberly : 00:32 So of course there’s some of us that are cool being on our own, and I totally respect that, but I think for a lot of us, I venture to say most of us, having a deeply fulfilling love relationship is something that could definitely really elevate our lives. If you already are in a committed relationship, as I am, I think that this topic will still resonate with you as well, because as I go through my four tips, my four tools for finding true love, these are ones that you can continue to work on in your own current relationship to deepen your connection.

Kimberly : 01:15 So I will say that, as I continue on, I see that everything is so interconnected, which is why we have our four cornerstones of true beauty, food, body, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. And I think that love, health, abundance, so many different things, it’s all our energy, it’s all frequency, it’s all one thing, really. So this is an aspect that we haven’t talked too much about.

Kimberly : 01:47 Although I’ve started to talk about it a bit more with hubby and he’s come on the podcast and I’ve done some lives with him just because I am so elated. I’m so excited to share my love with you guys, just to share that excitement and that energy and that joyfulness, and also to show what’s possible.

Kimberly : 02:08 I mean, I’ve definitely had many different sorts of relationships in my life and I’ve had some hard breakups and I’ve seen patterns in myself. So I come to this subject to offer you just what I have found in my life, the wisdom that I’ve been able to glean through my experiences and we’ve peppered in some research here, but something that I find will hopefully be truly useful to you in your life.

Fan of the Week

Kimberly : 02:37 So before we jump in, I want to give a quick shout out to our fan of the week. Her name is Christina Jo M. and she writes, “I’ve been following Kimberly Snyder for many years now. She helped me take the plunge from being a meat eater to a pescatarian, to now being a 100% plant-based with my partner for over three years now. I’m drinking my GGS as I type review and I look forward to them every day. I think of food as medicine and the digestive enzymes, and detoxy have drastically changed my body digestive system, skin, and mood. Thank you for your inspirational words, advice, knowledge, and motivation.”

Kimberly : 03:15 Well, Christina Joanne, thank you so much for being our fan of the week. I am so grateful to you for being part of our community, for you bringing your energy here, and I send you a huge virtual hug, hopefully on the other side of all of this. We’ll be able to meet one day in one of these cities somewhere when we go back to hugging people again and seeing people again. So thank you so much, Christina.

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Kimberly : 03:42 And for your chance to be shouted out as the fan of the week, please leave us a review, which is free and easy to do. And it’s just a really great way to support the show. You can also please be sure to subscribe to the show and that way you never miss out on any of these shows. So we were thinking about, I mentioned this a couple of shows ago, about ways we can have fun and send packages to our fan of the week, but I realized, Caitlin pointed this out to me, that we don’t have your address, and when you submit a review, it’s just the actual review.

Kimberly : 04:20 So that made it a bit harder, but we’re working on some fun things that we could do over on our website for leaving reviews over there. So I’ll announce that at some point, but that’s the reason that we’re keeping this pure based on love, based on sharing the love and just I love to read your beautiful words. So please keep the reviews coming. I appreciate it so much.


Kimberly : 04:46 All right. So all that being said, let’s dive into our topic today, which is finding love. And again, I think that we go through different phases in life. I know when I was backpacking and first started living in New York city, it was hard to imagine, okay, like I want to be with one person forever. I was just sort of … That wasn’t my main goal. I was learning and traveling and experiencing thing and very enthralled with the daily adventures, so to speak.

Kimberly : 05:22 So as I went on, though, I think for a lot of us as we go through and we have experiences, then we start to settle in to daily life, and then we started to say, “Oh, it’d be really nice to share daily life with someone else.” And so that’s why we obviously see this explosion in dating apps and just matchmakers, but a lot of dating apps I think are a lot more accessible for people, and we see that based on the numbers. There are thousands and thousands. Millions of people looking for love.

Four effective ways to find love

Kimberly : 05:59 So I want to talk about today four of the most effective ways that I have found to find love based on research, intuition, my own experiences and what I see around. And again, I would love nothing more for everybody to have this sort of deep love that I have been able to find, but I will emphasize that that deep love came after going down a lot of other paths and not having the most fulfilling, deeply connected love.

#1 Tip: Working on yourself

Kimberly : 06:37 So I know what it’s like to be in both, and as I look back, I could see repeatable things I can teach that I was able to do to be able to connect and attract John in, and he attracted me in. It goes both ways. So first of all, let us talk about the very first principle in finding love is working on yourself. And we want to fill ourselves up and connect with ourselves and to work on self-care and to work on triggers, wounds, anything that we want to release, anything that doesn’t serve us anymore, because love is about sharing and love is not about fixing yourself or filling some hole.

Kimberly : 07:33 So when we come at it from that perspective, there’s a very different energy. There’s an energy of meeting and wanting and looking for someone to fill, and that’s actually a very repellent energy that a lot of people will be turned off by and it could send you down the wrong path. So when we work on ourselves, it means that we are … So if you think about each of us as an individual vibration, a unique vibration, different aspect of spirit. We’re all one but we have this unique individual constitution in essence.

Kimberly : 08:11 So when we step into that essence in that vibration and we work on everything we can do to elevate that vibration so it can go out in the world most clear way, it means that we are able to attract in a similar matching vibration. So I hesitate to use the word law or the phrase of law of attraction, because I think that has different connotations for different people. There was a book that came out 20 years ago or something called The Secret. It was something that some people were into and some people like my dad really poo-pooed.

Kimberly : 08:54 It just says a different resonance for different people. I don’t think it’s immediate and magical. Like you say something to yourself and then someone rings the doorbell and it’s just dropped on your doorstep, but I do believe that underneath the so-called solid form, everything is energy, and this is something that new quantum physics theorizes about, this idea that there’s very little that’s actually solid and everything’s moving and shifting and matching frequencies and vibrations.

Kimberly : 09:29 So it is true. I do believe that when you work on yourself, you elevate your highest expression of yourself and that in and of itself, without directly trying to seek love becomes like a honing signal. It becomes like putting up a flag, broadcasting your energy and your chance of finding the deeply fulfilling love are much higher. So I’ve shared this with you guys before, but I’ll share it again that when I went through a big breakup some years ago, I met with this monk that I meet with periodically from the self-realization fellowship, which is the organization that Paramahansa Yogananda started, who is my guru, is a great yoga master from India. And he’s incredible. I highly recommend reading any of his books, including autobiography of a Yogi, which is the spiritual classic.

Kimberly : 10:33 So anyways, I was meeting with a small bank and I was feeling a lot of things. I was feeling confusion and frustration, and I do like being in a relationship. I’m not one of those people that says, “I never want to be in relationships. I just want to do my own thing and be totally free.” But at the same time I had come from a disconnected relationship. And so what he said to me was, “Treat your home like an astrum. And for the next few months, work on yourself, go into your practice, do your meditations, read the spiritual scripts, spend time cultivating your own energy.”

Kimberly : 11:19 And so that’s what I did. It ended up being about five months, which seems like a daunting amount of time, but it goes by and then maybe something for you that you don’t want to spend an actual amount of time. Just working on yourself, you can do it in conjunction with staying on the apps or you’re doing whatever you’re doing, but I will say for me, it was really wonderful mentally to just say to myself, “I’m not even going to worry about finding anyone else. I’m not looking. My full focus for the next few months is myself.”

Kimberly : 11:53 And it was that complete freedom from doing anything else that really turned the energy back inside of me. And I did go deep into my meditations and I did go deep into the lifestyle, and out of this whole period came Solluna, came the four cornerstones, came all these different creative ideas, but it was such a grounding period where I found my strength and I found that I was okay being on my own, and I was happy and I had other connections and friendships that felt really fulfilling and felt really wonderful to me.

Kimberly : 12:35 So I didn’t have to get someone to fix me or to fix the situation. So I would say that’s the first and biggest thing is to look at how you can work on yourself right here right now. And you can look at it from a four cornerstone perspective. Food wise, how can you dial in your diet? So what you’re eating is supporting your highest vibration. Everything we talk about from Solluna, beauty detox, philosophy. If you feel like yourself, you need to get yourself back on track, try the 30 day Roadmap.

Kimberly : 13:13 We also have a new Beauty Inside Our course, which has the food section in it. You may enjoy some of the videos and the demos. It is over in the show notes. You can check it out for yourself. A lot of love went into that. From a body perspective, are you feeling connected to your body? And this is a big one for love. Finding acceptance, finding true confidence. So it’s not by, “Oh my God, I need to have this perfect body before anyone will love me.” That’s not true, but you have to love your body. You have to connect with your body for other people to also follow suit.

Kimberly : 13:50 So this could be the time for walking, self-massage, baths, using essential oils, of course, dialing in your digestion, taking your SBO probiotics, really connecting with your body and nurturing it and loving it. And anything, your body shame is a tricky topic, and it’s something that is quite involved and can take some time to overcome. As I did, it did take some years, but if we start really working with the body and learning to feel your body and to connect with it and to start noticing what you like about your body versus beating yourself up and hyper-focusing on your so-called flaws, we start to just connect with our own energy, and it’s so magnetic, and it’s so beautiful being around someone that’s really comfortable with themselves and really does love themselves.

Kimberly : 14:55 So I would say that’s a big focus in the body cornerstone. The emotional well-being cornerstone, this is where we come from the place of feeling … It was where we could process our feelings, feel the loneliness, feel, whatever it is, and then start to let those go and start to get to the place of strength emotionally and mentally, where we know that we are okay just as we are, and we don’t need anybody else, but we may choose to share and enjoy life with someone else, which is a very different way of coming at things.

Kimberly : 15:33 Emotionally, this is something you may want to sit with and journal about, “Am I okay being with myself?” And if not, what does it feel like? What does it feel like to sit in loneliness, to sit in silence? What does it bring up for me? Does it throw up old wounds, old triggers? Whatever it is. So I would just sit with this idea of, you are a 100% okay. You are already loved, you had the love inside of you. So when you get to that place of really embodying that, that’s your point of power, and that’s where you know that you’ve done some great emotional processing here.

Kimberly : 16:13 Now it doesn’t mean a 100%. Like all of us we still long for a partner in a lot of ways, but you can make a lot of progress and feeling again your own independence in your own strength. And that is what will help you attract it the first thing when you don’t need them, but you’re okay in your own and then you’re choosing. That’s a very attractive quality. So some work to be done here, just be honest with yourself and be loving and compassionate with yourself.

Kimberly : 16:41 And maybe this is something you want to sit and talk to with a friend, or maybe have a weekly conversation with somebody about, and you can bounce off each other, or you can talk to a therapist or a healer or someone that could take you deeper here, but it’s definitely something to explore within yourself. How can I get to the place where I am comfortable just being me and being on my own? And from that place, I don’t choose to share this love, but first I have to be really okay. Whatever happens, I’m good having that attitude.

Kimberly : 17:13 And then the fourth cornerstone is spiritual growth. This is a big one with love you guys. This is tied to number three. When we tap into our deeper selves, our higher selves, our vibration, our essence inside of us, spirit, God inside of us, whatever word you want to use, and we let that pour through, and then that fuels your vibration. It fuels you with so much joy and peace. That again, you never have to come at this as, “I need someone. How do I fill this hole? I have this lack inside of me. I’m not enough unless they have a husband or wife.”

Kimberly : 17:51 I laugh, but it’s not funny. It feels really real and really serious. I laugh because I know the truth, which is that you don’t need any of this. You are worthy, you are amazing, but you may have these longings in your heart, of course, for a partnership, family, I get it. So I will say I wanted those things too, but it wasn’t until I really connected in a deep way with spirit inside of me and I was meditating and just feeling so joyful, that becomes the magnet.

Kimberly : 18:23 Again, for drawing someone in, you don’t have to focus on it. It just happens naturally. And then I’ll also say for those of us that are already in committed relationships, this continued progress of working on yourself will also continue to cement your relationship if it’s really based on true connection, or sometimes, in my case, the more I worked on myself, the more I knew myself and grew strong. It actually was part of bringing a breakup to the surface, but it was the best possible thing because it allowed the space for my true soulmate to come in.

Kimberly : 19:05 So either way, I think all of us want to continue to work on ourselves. And if you are in a wonderful, committed relationship but you want to continue to go deeper or maybe you’ve drifted apart a little bit or whatever, just keep doing your cornerstones, work on your vibration, and then what happens is your partner will start to feel so much more connection to you as well and will awaken things, and also they may be inspired to continue to work on themselves too and then the best case scenario is that you do it together, which is what I’ve been able to see unfold with my husband, where we have a lot of conversation.

Kimberly : 19:45 He isn’t as regular a meditator as me, to be honest, he is on the path, is learning more about Yogananda and the Kriya Yoga that I practice. He is on a food journey and really much more mindful and conscious of food, as the whole thing. So it’s really nice when you can share that with a partner, although it’s not necessary, but I will say that this continued journey really does continue to really strengthen our relationship.

Kimberly : 20:17 So according to research by Dr. Lisa Firestone, a clinical psychologist, she says that the top qualities for a long-term partner are maturity, openness, honesty and integrity, respect and independence, empathy, affection, and a sense of humor. so you’ll notice that none of these have to do with physical appearance, which I think is very important to point out. I think sometimes we think, “Okay, let me just work on my hair. Let me work on my skin. Let me work on my makeup. Let me get more clothes and outfits.”

Kimberly : 20:55 It’s nice to dress up. It’s nice to feel like a woman or a man in our outward appearance, but what we really want to spend time cultivating and working on, on a deeper, deeper level is to work on the inner qualities and the inner parts of ourselves. And that’s going to make the really big difference.

#2 Tip: Be yourself

Kimberly : 21:33 Number two, be yourself. Simple but powerful. There was a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that found that individuals who are afraid of being single tend to lower their standards and rush into relationships that do not fit and do not bring them joy. That’s a pretty obvious one, but I liked that it was studied and it just shows that if we are not just being ourselves and going through life, but again, if we’re trying to make something fit, we just end up with the wrong puzzle piece a lot of the times.

Kimberly : 22:09 Another study published in the Public Library of Science found that authenticity and relationship satisfaction are closely linked. In a study of over 500 adults, psychologists found that higher levels of personal authenticity meant higher levels of relationship satisfaction, both of which were tied to strong self-esteem, personal authenticity. When we are ourselves entirely, it means that we will find the match. It also means that we can relax into our truest essence.

Kimberly : 22:42 And the more we try to relax in, it means we have a much higher vibration because we’re not painting on pretending. It’s not contrived. So we meet someone at that level of who we are. Now in contrast, if we try to be someone else, we try to be something that we feel will attract. Whether it’s trying to be overly funny or revealing on social media, flaunting our bodies in ways that don’t feel good to us, whatever it is, this is individual.

Kimberly : 23:17 What may look like one thing to one person on social media, feels very different between three different people doing the same thing. So it’s up to you, what feels right to you. And then speaking of social media, stats from the relationship and social media research by behavioral psychologist, Clarissa Silver, she found that 60% of people who are active on social media reported it has impacted their self-esteem in a negative way.

Kimberly : 23:46 50% singles reported a fear of missing out when comparing themselves on social media. So this is really interesting because I think that again, back to our idea of being yourself, sometimes when we get into the arena of everybody’s showing themselves, we feel like, “Oh, we have to be louder and shinier and attract more attention.” So we may start to morph into something that we’re not on social media or on dating apps. And that’s always just not as strong a vibration, because it just means you’re not yourself.

Kimberly : 24:27 When you are yourself, when you can just relax into yourself, you are the strongest, most powerful version of yourself. And this is true, by the way. If you try to be something else on a first date, or you try to be something shiny or so to speak, if you go to a party or an event trying to attract, it’s not based on authenticity. So it’s not based on anything real. So you’re not going to be able to create a real relationship based on that.

Kimberly : 25:01 It’s easy to get swept up into this with a group of friends, or if you’re hanging out with like just a certain sort of crowd. It starts to feel like that. The best one I can say in my life, there was a period where my whole life or a lot of my life, you guys, it was just how it turned out, just how it kind of gets swept into it, where a lot of my life was all these Hollywood events and parties and get-together and premiers and all this stuff, and it was just people all around the whole community of it. I mean, not generalization because there’s a lot of amazing people within it.

Kimberly : 25:52 But as a general culture, it’s just a very different energy. And so sometimes I would go to these parties and sometimes I would try to fit in a little bit. I heard myself saying things or acting in a certain way. And again, the stronger we get, the more we go on, the more we do in number one, we work on ourselves. We realized that we have all the power in us when we are just ourselves. And that’s when we attract in the right mate and the right partner, and it’s not trying to … Whether we do it inadvertently or not, when we mold to our environment, when we act like something else, we’re always going to find strain and struggle, and it’s never going to be as powerful.

Kimberly : 26:36 So be yourself. And again, if you don’t know what that means, if you’re having trouble connecting to that, take another deep dive in the cornerstones. This lifestyle, you guys, I feel it from the bottom of my heart, it’s this holistic approach that will put you in touch with your true self. When you take care of the food, when you eat well, you put yourself in that space where you can feel. Now food is not the end of the all, but when you take care of your body, the temple, now you’re setting yourself up further.

Kimberly : 27:08 Then you go into your mind and your emotions and your mental health, and we start to work on that. And then most importantly, but here looking at his lifestyle is the spiritual part where you connect in with spirit. So spirit is not religion, it’s not dogma. To me, spirit is connecting to an understanding your true self, the love inside of you, connecting with that. That’s what a spiritual path will give you. So when you do that and you take this approach, you start to really know your true self. You start to become comfortable with your true self. And again, it ties to number one where you become very, very magnetic.

#3 Tip: Clarity and avoiding patterns

Kimberly : 27:41 Number three, my third tip for you is clarity. Clarity means we self-reflect, and this helps us to avoid patterns. And it helps us to not get off track. Clarity in what you would like a future relationship to be. Clarity in what qualities you find most important in a partner that are your non-negotiables. Honesty, integrity, presence, unselfishness, compassion, kindness, being empathetic.

Kimberly : 28:20 Whatever your non-negotiable qualities are, I suggest you write them down and you get very, very clear. So before John, I wrote on a piece of paper something to the effect of … I actually wrote it as if I had received it, which is one of the ways that Yogananda talks about manifestation is this idea of, thank you so much that I have this amazing partner, so you can feel the essence of it right now. So I would say I’m so grateful to have this partner who is strong and intelligent and deeply loving and connected and honest.

Kimberly : 28:59 And I wrote down this whole thing and I folded it up and I kept it actually in a plant that I watered in the corner of my room, and I didn’t think about it too much, but I had this clarity and I didn’t have to keep revisiting it, but it was clarity that got imprinted within myself, and I did just write it out. There was, again, I have found some patterns, repeating patterns. I think a lot of us have repeating patterns in relationships. Sometimes we tend to go for the same sort of person. And so for me, I was able to identify the one thing that I really, really wanted, which was a very deep connection or soul connection.

Kimberly : 29:42 There was a lot of things in my other relationships that were great on the surface, but they lacked the deep, deep soul connection in the romantic way. And they’re people that I’ve been deeply connected to, and they’ve ended up being very close friends of mine and wonderful parts of my life, but in this romantic partnership way, I needed to get really clear. And so I definitely encourage you to do that as well.

#4 Tip: Stay open to connecting on the soul level

Kimberly : 30:07 And my fourth tip for you is to stay open to connecting on the soul level with others. And when I say soul level, I mean that it’s very easy to get into our hearts, that our partner has to look a very specific way. They have to be between this age and this age. They have to be over this height and have brown hair or blonde hair, and be really into working out because I’m into working out too, and I can’t imagine a life not sharing that with someone.

Kimberly : 30:44 We get very specific about what we want someone to look like, and I think that’s when we can really miss our soul partner. So in contrast, when we stay really open, we become more able to connect to someone on a soul level, on that deep, deep connection that’s underneath the surface, and this is the type of relationship that continues to unfold and to grow over time. This is the type of relationship that gives us deep joy and deep fulfillment and deep satisfaction.

Kimberly : 31:16 And if this is what you’re looking for, it may not be. Maybe you’re just looking to have some fun and that’s cool too. No right or no wrong hair, but if you are looking for that, the one, if you are looking for that sort of partnership, that it means we need to stay open, because so much can distract us on the surface. Maybe we think, “Oh, that guy’s so hot or that girl is an amazing body.”

Kimberly : 31:38 But if that’s why we’re choosing, then again, that will only take us so far and then we can end up in a relationship with a lot of arguments and a lot of misunderstandings, because we’re not really connecting on the deep vibration in the first place. The vibration, the part of us that has the potential to really grow and unfold over years. The type of love that can actually get stronger over time, and in 10, 20, 30 years is more connected and more strong than when we started. That’s what I want, and that’s what I’ve put out there, and that’s what I’ve been able to create with John.

Kimberly : 32:15 We definitely have ups and downs and sometimes we’ll see things in different ways, and sometimes we argue and sometimes we need to take space apart, but the connection is so deep and it continues to get stronger and stronger. I really do feel that. And again, I would love for you to have that too, if that’s what you want, and the way to get there is to look below the surface. So what happened with me and John, and first of all, he looks very different than me. If anyone has been on my let’s say Instagram, which is visual @_KimberlySnyder, you’ll see this man who is, I would say 85, maybe 90% of his body is covered in tattoos from the neck down, and he’s a little bit of a dude into CrossFit and just like a macho guy, just a big, I don’t know, it’s just someone that is very different than me initially.

Kimberly : 33:08 But we were at this party and I just ended up in a small group talking, and when he started to speak, I could feel his heart. I thought I could feel his soul, and there was a moment where we both looked at each other and it was as if we recognize each other for the first time through this conversation. This was like an hour in. So initially, I was kind of migrating round. I didn’t see him right away, but then as I opened up, I could see him and it was amazing.

Kimberly : 33:40 So stay open, don’t get so fixated. And when I talked about number three, there’s one thing about clarity and qualities, but don’t get so fixated in the surface, the job titles and activities and hobbies, and what someone likes to do, because you might connect with someone who likes to do very different things than you, like John and I. John loves to do ju-jitsu and weightlifting and all sorts of things that are different, but you know what? None of that matters. Who gives a crap if you have different hobbies, if you connect on the deepest soul level?

Kimberly : 34:15 So those are my four tips for you. I hope that some of these resonate. I love this topic. I will continue to talk about love because I have a lot more to say about this, but in terms of our solo cast, there’s a lot here for you to think about and apply. And again, I a 100% encourage this. If you are in a relationship, just to keep it going deeper and thinking about the four cornerstones together within yourself and together if there’s crossover, maybe adopting a healthier diet together or doing some meditations together, again, food body emotions and spirituality, the emotional part, for sure, you want to be able to connect with your partner and to share your feelings.

Kimberly : 34:56 So maybe that’s a practice of connecting before bed, which is what John and I do, or having a gratitude practice at dinner or whatever. Different ways that you can work on your love together, once you do find your soulmate, or if you are in a relationship with your soulmate now. So thank you so much for tuning in. I love you so, so much. I’m going to leave you with a thought of the week before we head out here.

Kimberly : 35:23 And this is a quote from my guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, who I talk about quite a bit, and I absolutely love him. And I love to share with him and he has given me so much. I can’t really put it into words, but there’s so many quotes. I have them all over my desktop. And I’m looking for this one that I really, really like that I wanted to share with you guys today. Where is it? Some of his quotes are a little bit long, but they’re all wonderful. Here it is. “I’m here to tell you that the very joy is within yourself. You don’t have to go elsewhere.”

Kimberly : 36:10 So I pulled this from a longer passage, but this is the foundation for finding love for first remembering that the love and the joy are already inside of you. And once you connect to that and it lights up in you, that becomes the light that will help attract the right mate end. But first you find it in yourself. And again, check out our cornerstones ebook, if you haven’t yet already for getting started over at mysolluna.com, as well as so many other resources we have for you on there. I love you. I’m so grateful. I will be back here Thursday for our next Q & A podcast. Until then, take care and so much love.