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This week’s topic is: Boosting Your Mindset During Difficult Times

As we roll into the holiday season, this is an important topic because things simply are not going to be the same as other years. If we compare this year to other years, we may feel like we’re missing out. We may feel sad or disappointed and this sets us up to suffer more.

Rather, we can look at them in a different way and we can start to make a shift, whether that’s having a little bit more extra quiet time to yourself, reflection time, or time to evaluate and peel away layers.

Mindset is so powerful. There’s more and more research correlating our perspective which is really the cause of stress. It’s not events, but it’s our way of looking at the events. Stress levels and hormonal imbalance compromise our own immunity and disruption to our digestive system and our endocrine system.

There’s so many things that actually stem from our mindset and perspective. This is why our third cornerstone at Solluna is emotional wellbeing and mental health. It’s a huge part of wellness. Remember, it’s not the event itself that causes stress and issues to our health and wellbeing, it’s the way that we look at it.

I know it’s not always easy to make a shift to your perspective. However, I promise you that with focus and with tools and techniques and dialing in your practice, it is possible. This is a really beautiful time to focus on this topic as it is getting into the darker days and I’m really excited to hear your questions about boosting your mindset during these difficult challenging times.

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Stefanie – Chicago 

Hi! My husband and I recently moved back in with my parents. Luckily, we all get along great but the one topic we do not see eye to eye on is wellness & medicine. This year is so unique and would love to learn any new thoughts on getting the flu shot? Thanks, much love!

Courtney – CA

Growing up I had always struggled with fitting in. Whether it was in school or in my own personal family I had always felt excluded. With that came low self esteem and suppressed feelings. How do I boost confidence and release my inner struggles with self image and social anxiety?

Kate – Minneapolis 

My health problems seem to have a common theme of being slow, heavy, and stuck. This manifests as allergies, constipation, brain fog and depression. What is your advice to combat this? Thank you!

Beth – TX

I’m so exhausted from overthinking what’s to come with coronavirus. Any suggestions on how to give my mind a break?


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Inspirational Thought of the Week

Take it one breath at a time.


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Kimberly: 00:01 Hey Beauties, welcome back for our Thursday Q&A podcast. Happy Thanksgiving. Sending you a huge, huge, warm virtual hug across the interesting cyber world that we live in. I do believe that love and connection transcend time and space. So, right from my heart, my hand is on my heart right now, and I’m sending a big virtual hug. I hope that you are safe and cozy, and having a peaceful day, no matter where you are. Maybe you’re by yourself, maybe you’re with a pet or close inner circle. I know that this is an interesting year, a challenging year in many different ways for many of us. So, hang in there, we have our community, we have each other, we continue to grow and look to the lighter side of things, which is our topic today actually, very timely. Our topic is Boosting Your Mindset During Difficult Times.

Kimberly: 00:59 So, as we roll into the holiday season, I think that this is an important topic because things simply are not going to be the same as other years. And if we compare this year to other years, we may feel like we’re missing out, or we may feel sad or disappointed. And that really does set us up to suffer more. So instead of looking at things that way, we can look at them in a different way, we can start to make a shift, whether that’s having a little bit more extra quiet time, or restful time, or time to yourself, or reflection time, or time to evaluate and peel away layers. We’ll get into all of that today. But mindset is so powerful, you guys. There’s more and more research correlating our perspective with… I mean, our perspective really is the cause of stress, right? It’s not events, but it’s our way of looking at the events.

Kimberly: 01:52 So stress levels and hormonal imbalance, compromising our own immunity, and disruption to our digestive system and our endocrine system. There’s so many things that actually stem from the mind, and our mindset, and our perspective. So, this is why our third cornerstone at Solluna is emotional wellbeing and mental health. It’s really, really such a huge part of wellness. So, it’s not the event itself that causes stress and issues to our health and wellbeing, it’s the way that we look at it.

Kimberly: 02:26 And I know this isn’t always easy, it’s not always easy to make a shift to your perspective, of course, but I promise you that with focus and with some tools and techniques and dialing in your practice, it is possible. I have seen very pessimistic people shift. I have seen myself really shift towards a much more uplifted perspective overall. I know as I continue to let go of heaviness and stagnancy in my body and old limiting beliefs, things shift and things change.

Kimberly: 03:03 And so I think this is a really beautiful time to focus on this as it is getting into the darker days, we know this is the inward time. This is the time where we can look inward and we’re already starting to think ahead and plant seeds for the upcoming year, something that sometimes we don’t think about till New Years. But this is the time where we’re already in that mode and it’s naturally happening, we’re maybe going to bed earlier, I know I am. But also, the days are getting darker and there’s just this natural shift inward. So, I’m really excited to hear your questions today about boosting your mindset during these difficult challenging times.

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Question 1: Hi, my husband and I recently moved back in with my parents. Luckily, we all get along great, but the one topic we do not see eye to eye on is wellness and medicine. Well, this year is so unique and I would love to hear any new thoughts on getting the flu shot. Thanks, much love.

Kimberly: 04:26 All right, so all that being said, let’s get into our questions today about mindset and especially during difficult times, challenging times, times that cause us to go deeper and dig into our strength. Because really, that’s what a challenging time, the gift of a challenging time is. Otherwise, when things are happy and bright, we don’t really have to go deeper. So this is a really, really wonderful opportunity in that way, if we choose to look at it that way.

Kimberly: 05:03 First question comes from Stephanie in Chicago and she writes, “Hi, my husband and I recently moved back in with my parents. Luckily, we all get along great, but the one topic we do not see eye to eye on is wellness and medicine. Well, this year is so unique and I would love to hear any new thoughts on getting the flu shot. Thanks and much love.” Well, Stephanie sending you a lot of love in Chicago where I imagine right now it is freezing. And yes, I have been in Chicago in January and, wowser, get those coats out, get those scarves out, it is chilly.

Kimberly: 05:41 So a couple of things here, it’s okay to not agree on everything, is what I want to say upfront. I think it’s wonderful that you’re able to be with your husband and your parents/his in-laws in a personal space and to get along great. I think that is the main thing to focus on and to focus on the love and the connection and having each other to support each other during this holiday, during this challenging time.

Kimberly: 06:10 If some things you don’t agree on, wellness and medicine, that’s okay. If you know their opinion and you know their opinion, why get in an argument about it? Why keep bringing it up? We know that pretty much, probably they’re not going to shift and neither are you. So it’s better to maybe avoid that topic if you’ve already hashed it out and you know that on this one, maybe you’re on a little bit opposite sides or just have a different perspective.

Kimberly: 06:41 I wouldn’t focus on that because with… True love, I think means true acceptance and people may not want to change, and they may not want to see things the same way you do, and that’s okay. When we push, when we force, when we try to shame people, or just throw more information at them, which I definitely have done in the past, it can cause them to resist and to contract even more. So I say, first of all, just let it be what it is. If you feel that you’ve expressed yourself and you’ve been able to be heard and they’ve been able to be heard, I think that’s a lovely place to let that topic rest.

Kimberly: 07:22 I think that the flu shot is always a controversial topic. People feel very strongly on either side of it. I have always been of the mindset that we need to really fortify our immunity and protect ourselves from the inside out. So I’m a big proponent of our Four Cornerstone perspectives. So food wise, having lots of vitamin C rich foods, foods containing zinc, foods that have antioxidants. All the clinical research around certain foods that show that they strengthen and fortify our bodies.

Kimberly: 07:58 Well, in the show notes, we will include some links to blogs, very specific blogs, with links to recipes, but blogs that include lists of food that would be wonderful for you to focus on right now. There’s just so many great foods. I know for me personally, I feel really drawn to cucumbers and cucumber salad. And I don’t peel my cucumbers because that’s where a lot of the minerals are. I think, intuitively, there’s certain foods that come in and out in different phases. So that’s a really big food for me right now. And it’s full of zinc and other minerals that are really nourishing to the body.

Kimberly: 08:40 I also am lucky enough that I live in California. It’s still pretty warm. We have a lot of oranges. Actually, we have, one, two, three, four, five… We have at least five orange trees in our yard. And I’m very, very grateful for that. So every day almost go out, [Bubby 00:08:56] and I go out and pick fresh oranges, and that’s another great source of vitamin C, of course, it’s citrus. And I have lemon every day. I have ginger. So food wise, there’s a lot you can do to strengthen your body.

Kimberly: 09:07 Body-wise I still like to get out in the fresh air. I live in a very rural place now, in the mountains, outside LA. So I don’t really see anybody on my walks, which is nice. I walk with the baby. I think walking is a great way to continue to boost circulation and to keep your body moving. Speaking of which, Detoxy is a really powerful supplement to help with immunity, because the more stagnancy inside our body, the more viruses and sicknesses can take hold. So you want to make sure that you’re releasing a lot, that you are going to the bathroom a lot, and drinking a lot of water. And that’s what I do with my body practices and taking the SBO Probiotics, of course, which is central to immunity.

Kimberly: 09:47 Emotional well-being wise, this is an important time to give yourself some space because we don’t want stress to take over. Stress will compromise your immunity. Stress will make you more susceptible to the flu and other illnesses. And again, it’s not events per se that make us stressful, it’s our perspective. So you just want to evaluate, see, feel, really feel the feelings that are coming up, process them, spend some time journaling, and you will be able to digest your feelings in a much healthier way, instead of letting them continue to accrue and stagnate in your body.

Kimberly: 10:26 And our fourth cornerstone is spiritual growth. And I think this is a really important one, especially right now, to meditate, and to find stillness, and to find space, gaps between all the activities where you can just be. And that’s a really healthy place to be in to increase your natural vitality and your natural essence, your prawna, your life force.

Kimberly: 10:48 So these are the practices that I focus on, Stephanie. Again, this is a personal, personal choice, it may or may not feel right to you. I personally have never gotten the flu shot and, knock on wood, I’ve never gotten the flu. So everybody’s different, everybody’s perspective is different. This, of course, is a very unique year and it can seem scary and frightening if we are on the news all the time and there’s just a lot going on out there.

Kimberly: 11:18 But again, it’s just a completely personal choice. I focus so much on the cornerstones and focusing on my inner health and vitality, and that’s what feels good to me. So, to sum up this question, Stephanie, I would say again, just really honor everybody’s perspective and everybody should honor each other’s, and then do what feels best to you. So sending a big warm hug in Chicago and lots of love.

Question 2: Growing up, I had always struggled with fitting in. Whether it was in school or in my own personal family, I had always felt excluded. With that came low self-esteem and suppressed feelings. How do I boost confidence and release my inner struggles with self image and social anxiety?

Kimberly: 11:44 All right, next question comes from Courtney, who is a fellow Californian and she writes, “Growing up, I had always struggled with fitting in. Whether it was in school or in my own personal family, I had always felt excluded. With that came low self-esteem and suppressed feelings. How do I boost confidence and release my inner struggles with self image and social anxiety?” Courtney, thank you so much, beauty, for being in our community and for being so brave to voice this question. I think a lot of us can relate.

Kimberly: 12:16 I will say that I never felt like I fully fit in when I was growing up. I was in different crowds and I was an athlete and, at times I would hang out with the cool crowd, and sometimes I would hang out with the nerds because I was in all the AP classes, and we were in study groups together too. So, I think that I just focused so much on the outer parts of me, the way that I looked. And I am half Asian, and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb in a very, very Caucasian town that I grew up in Connecticut.

Kimberly: 12:51 So, I feel that, from the beginning, I always had very compromised, low self-esteem. And I did have a lot of issues with confidence and I did have different… Which I never labeled at the time, but looking back, different levels of social anxiety and it might’ve been one of the reasons that I got into partying and drinking so much in college, was because it made me feel relaxed and comfortable when I was drinking.

Kimberly: 13:20 So, the way that I got through it was, first of all, when I was backpacking, it was the first time I felt free. It was the first time that I felt out of my head more, and more present with what I was doing, because I think it’s important, when we have self-esteem and we have confidence issues, that we start to look at, “What are my coping mechanisms?” So for me, my coping mechanisms were really achieve more, do more, show that you’re worthy. So it was all this stuff outside of myself. And when I started traveling and being free, I didn’t have to focus on all of that. So I was forced to be with myself and to just really find myself.

Kimberly: 14:08 Now, I don’t think anyone else has to go on a three-year backpacking journey to create that. But what I learned from that, Courtney, is how important the emotional wellbeing and spiritual growth cornerstones of our four cornerstone philosophy is. That’s your ticket to confidence and raising your self esteem, is being able to sit with yourself more and being able to be comfortable with yourself and then eventually starting to like yourself.

Kimberly: 14:39 So, what do I mean by that? I mean that, when we’re identifying with the outer parts of ourselves, so how we look, how much we weigh, what we do in the world, we’ve displaced our true identity. We’re identifying with our ego. We’re not identifying with the essence, our soul, the part of us that is who we really are inside of us. When we connect with that person, that’s where our confidence grows and that’s where our self-esteem grows, but we aren’t able to really create that or do that unless, and until, we spend time getting to know that person, that essence, that soul, that beingness, which is beyond the physicality, and it can be on what we’re doing.

Kimberly: 15:24 And the way to get to know that part of us is meditation and stillness. Is to process feelings, emotions with journaling, to sit, to create self-analysis and self-awareness. When we do that, this crazy thing happens, and I experienced this in my own life, where we become so comfortable with ourselves, that we certainly care less and less about what other people think of us, and then we start to just feel so good and radiant as ourselves that other people are attracted to us and other people want to be with us and other people see us as we are. And it happens without pushing and pulling. It’s really incredible process and something that I love to share about because I really did experience it myself.

Kimberly: 16:10 So what I would say to you, Courtney, is to really dial in your practice. So your morning practice, which is meditation, SBO Probiotics, hot water with lemon, GGS, the meditation part is especially important for you. Just to sit and to breathe and to be with yourself.

Kimberly: 16:30 And if you’re interested in some free meditations, we have them over at mysolluna.com and you can check them out there. I also do meditations every week on Instagram at _kimberlysnyder. Same thing with your evening routine, spend some time, don’t fall asleep to Netflix. Don’t just read the news or chat with a friend or do whatever up until bed. That’s okay to do some of that, but you want to carve out at least 10 minutes, I would say, as a good starting goal, five minutes is the bare minimum, but better is 10 minutes just to sit and to breathe and to be inside your body and to sit with yourself.

Kimberly: 17:10 And at first, it may feel very uncomfortable. But what happens is you start to feel the deep, deep, peace and love inside of you that is your true nature. I’m not BSing you, the only reason I’m saying this is because I experienced it inside of myself, which is the reason that in my super busy life, carving out time for meditation is one of my top, top, top priorities, always, every day. If I don’t meditate and find that time, then I become a very imbalanced person. And when we are imbalanced, that’s when we start to have confidence issues. It’s as simple as that. When we are in touch with our true self, we know that no one can be us, and we don’t have to try to be like anyone else. And that’s the source of true confidence. But that only comes from getting to know your true self. So meditation is important.

Kimberly: 17:58 And what I would do, Courtney, is to pair that with journaling time. So I usually journal after my meditation. Or sometimes before, depending… Sometimes in the evening, actually, I may journal before I meditate. Just depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I meditate first because I need to ground and calm myself. So it just depends. But journaling, to me, is the time where we can really express… It’s another way to know yourself. We can express our truest feelings in a really authentic way. We can see what we were feeling. We can look back, we can reflect, we can grow, we can start to know our triggers. It’s a very powerful form of self-growth. So, I would say, Courtney, take a deep breath. It’s okay, honestly, if nobody else understands you, what’s important is that you understand yourself and that you start to validate yourself and you love yourself. And that’s all entirely possible because many of us have been through that journey, including yours truly.

Kimberly: 18:55 So I encourage you to really take the time to do those practices, because those are the ones that will make the biggest difference in your life. And everything else will come from that, ideas, creativity, an easier time with your dietary choices, with food cravings, with your weight, everything comes from that. It comes from the inner space. Which is why I have shifted, and I talk about this so much you guys, because I see the difference and I see that food is important, but food will only take us so far. So try that, Courtney, let me know how you do. I send you a huge virtual hug. Remember, there is only one you, you are beautiful and radiant and special, completely unique and whole already, just as you are. You don’t have to change anything. But what you do need to do is change and improve upon your inner knowing of that beautiful soul inside of you. And then your outer world will start to shift.


Kimberly: 19:56 All right, Beauties, I love these questions so far. We’re going to take a short break. And when we come back, we have two more questions for you guys on this topic of boosting your mindset during difficult times.

Question 3: My health problems seem to have a common theme of being slow, heavy, and stuck. This manifests as allergies, constipation, brain fog and depression. What is your advice to combat this? Thank you!

Kimberly: 20:12 All right, Beauties, we’re back from our break. And we have two more questions for you, beauties. I cannot wait to hear what they are. So let’s get right into them. The first one comes from Kate, who is from Minneapolis, and she writes, “My health problems seem to have a common theme of being slow, heavy, and stuck. This manifests as allergies, constipation, brain fog…” Bubby and my son says, “Why is it froggy out?” “What do you mean? It’s foggy.” Sorry, “Brain fog and depression. What is your advice to combat this? Thank you.”

Kimberly: 20:47 So, Kate, thank you so much for your beautiful, beautiful question. This is so beautiful and self-aware to see that common theme, that there’s an energy imbalance going on. And what we do is we can apply the four cornerstones to each area in your life to give you a rebalance. So, in our you Ayurvedic medicine, there are three Gunas that are said to be these different properties, these different energies that govern many different aspects of life, of vitality. Sometimes it’s difficult to pair down these Ayurvedic concepts, which are quite long and involved, into short phrases, but that’s basically how I would sum it up.

Kimberly: 21:35 So for instance, being Rajasic, Rajas, the Guna Rajas means something is active. Sattvic means balanced and calm and in equanimity, and Tomasic is, as you’re describing, a sort of lethargic slowness. Now we need all three in balance in different ways, in different processes in our body. So for instance, we need activity to create Agni, digestive fire to break down our food, and we need some level of [Tomas 00:22:11] to help us assimilate properly. But the problem is when we become too Tomasic, as you’re describing here, we can start to feel like everything is too slow and we need to create more balance, we want to get more towards Sattvic. We don’t want to become overly Rajasic, because that would lead to things like anxiety and overdoing and stress, and diarrhea, the opposite, from a digestive standpoint. But where we want to land is somewhere in the middle, somewhere balance.

Kimberly: 22:45 So I would say, Kate, also, the body type that’s a little bit more prone to this would be Kapha. So I’ll go into that a little bit. There’s three different overarching categories, shall we say, I’m trying to use layman terms here, and Ayurveda. One is Vata, which is known as the air and the wind, which is my primary constitution. The second is Pitta, which is my husband’s primary constitution, which is fire. And the third is Kapha, which is earth. And Kapha people tend to be a little bit slower, more methodical. Kapha people tend to have an easier time putting on weight.

Kimberly: 23:28 So, what’s going on in your body, maybe a combination of having a Kapha imbalance. We all have the Gunas and we all have these properties, these elements of our constitution inside of all of us, but certain ones dominate and certain ones can become a predominant and then over imbalanced in our body, if that makes sense. So what we want to do is we want to create balance. So let’s talk about that from a cornerstone perspective.

Kimberly: 24:01 Food wise, think about the foods that are very slow and can cause lethargy and don’t digest as quickly or as well. You got it, dairy, meat, foods that don’t have any fiber. These foods are going to absorb water in your system and without fiber to move them along, they’re going to go at their own stately, slower pace through your many, many feet of GI tract, and that’s going to create a lot of slowness.

Kimberly: 24:30 I didn’t get this for a long time. I mentioned this in some of my books, where I was eating fat-free cheese, lower fat cheese thinking that would help, but dairy is still dairy and it doesn’t digest well. So what I would say, Courtney, food-wise, is to think about movement with your food. Think about more plant-based foods. Now, it’s the colder time of year. So you may not be gravitating towards so many just raw salads and salad meals, I know I’m not. But what I do is I still have a raw component to my meals.

Kimberly: 25:00 I’ll have a big soup or a stew with brown rice, I eat that a lot, and I put a huge handful of micro greens on top. Or I do have a salad, but along with a hot meal. And right now, I have a smoothie next to me, it’s a power protein smoothie, but I’m warming it up to room temperature so I don’t like to drink it super cold. So I would say that, from a food perspective, you want to make sure that you’re having a lot of liquids, soups and stews, a lot of plant foods that have the fiber. And you’re just drinking a lot of water in general, because there’s so much with the heating systems on and dryness in the air, potentially, and in our cars and wherever we happen to be. So you just want to keep everything moving.

Kimberly: 25:47 And I mentioned this earlier, but Detoxy is such a powerful, powerful way to really help bust through that stagnation in your system/ and when we start to release, it’s an oxygen and vitamin C, or ASC2P based product, Kate, it’s got magnesium in it, you can check it out if you’re interested at mysolluna.com. I take it all the time. I’ve been taking it for years, which is one of the reasons I was interested in creating this product, manufacturing it. Is because it helps to move matter out of your GI tract. And there’s a lot of energy in there. And a lot of different Eastern medicinal systems will say that the colon is the organ that holds… It helps us process feelings. So, the problem is, if we aren’t moving things out of our colon, we can hold on to a lot of energy and we can hold on to repressed feelings and just feel kind of dragged down in general.

Kimberly: 26:45 I’ll quickly share a personal story, which was the first time I got a colonic ever. This was years and years ago. And I haven’t gotten one in a long, long time, to be honest. I got them for a while and I felt like I cleared out a lot. And now I take Detoxy and I literally haven’t gotten a colonic in many years. But in the beginning, I did. And I remember the first time I got one, I felt like, “Okay, that was interesting.”

Kimberly: 27:09 The second time I got a colonic, so much came out that I remember sitting in the waiting room and I couldn’t move for like an hour. I was kind of on the edge of crying and I just felt alive and awake, and I don’t know, just all this energy was coming up. And that’s the power of moving matter because our mind and our body is really a continuous loop hole that, one influences the other in a powerful, profound way. So, by doing that alone, Kate, I think that you’re going to see tremendous shifts in your energy.

Kimberly: 27:40 Body wise, it’s important to move, to walk. I think walking is the best form of exercise, honestly, one of the best forms. But for me, my primary form, now. You get fresh air, you get a little bit of sunlight, you move, it’s good for your digestive system, it’s good to walk after you eat. So you’re just getting everything moving. So it’s great for your brain. It pumps extra oxygen into your brain. It’s great for combating depression. So I highly recommend daily walks as much as you can, as long as you can. I walk for about an hour a day and it feels great to me.

Kimberly: 28:15 Now, emotionally, it’s important that… You talk about brain fog, you talk about lethargy. Kate, just make sure that you’re taking time to process your feelings and emotions, to have a beautiful community around you that you can share, just like our community, right? Positivity goes a very long way. And depression can come about sometimes when we don’t… It can feel like repressed anger, like we’re not really processing something, so we’re pushing it down and it makes us just feel [inaudible 00:28:47] feel despondent. So I think it’s important to let things out in healthy way. I think we don’t want to feel isolated and alone, which is where the community aspect part is super important.

Kimberly: 28:58 And then finally, the spiritual part is really important as well. The tuning in, the tapping in that we spoke about in our last question with Courtney. Just to really connect into the part of you that is so full of light and beyond all the surface stuff. So when you connect in with that, that’s an energy that busts through anything. That’s an energy that will help you stay anchored with your food choices, with your practice, with your walking, with self-awareness, with strength. So you want to make sure that you’re meditating a couple of times a day, morning, and evening, or anytime you get a chance to take a little mini break, I think it’s a really, really powerful practice.

Kimberly: 29:38 And so, if you’re interested too, we will link, in the show notes, to some more information about the Ayurveda concept, of the Gunas, and also [inaudible 00:29:50] and constitution and how that plays into this. And you can look up as well just anything that you want to read about the Kapha body type and also Tomas and Tomasic as a Guna. And I think that’ll be really interesting for you to learn.

Kimberly: 30:08 From the Aryuvedic approach, there’s a tremendous amount of more specific information like Kapha types should really eat lower fat and less oil in general, just to keep things moving. And again, just really following our beauty detox Solluna lifestyle, I think, is a much… And all the foods that we recommend, are so easily digestible, that’ll be really, really wonderful for your system as well. So thank you so much for your question, beauty, and do not worry, couple shifts here, and I believe that we will be able to get you back in balance and I can’t wait. So please keep in touch with me and let me know how you do as you progress along your journey.

Question 4: I’m so exhausted from overthinking what’s to come with coronavirus. Any suggestions on how to give my mind a break?

Kimberly: 30:45 All right. Our last question comes from Beth in Texas and she writes, “I’m so exhausted from overthinking what’s to come with coronavirus. Any suggestions on how to give my mind a break?” Yes. So Beth, I say two things here. Number one, make sure that you minimize your time on the news. It’s not a pretty situation on the news right now. We need to be informed. We need to be safe. But, of course, we’re taking precautions, or I hope we’re all taking precautions. We’re wearing masks, we’re washing our hands, we’re hand sanitizing, we’re keeping a social distance from people. And if we’re doing that, then we’re doing what we can do in this moment. So, the news about how many people died today, how many people died yesterday, I mean, again, we want to stay on top of the science and what’s going on, but we don’t need to obsess. And so, that’s the first thing is to give your mind a break from the news.

Kimberly: 31:44 The second thing is overthinking what’s to come. Here’s the truth, nobody knows. And nobody knows the future. And honestly, nobody knows the future anyways, with or without coronavirus. So this is a very Buddhist teaching and Buddha talks about this a lot, thinking about the past, thinking about the future is the path to suffering. Being as much as we can in the present moment is the path of power and being empowered. So, as much as you can stay here right now and enjoy your life, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow or next week or in a month or next year, but we know where we are today and what can I focus on today, Beth? What can I move forward in my life? What can I do that’s good for myself?

Kimberly: 32:36 And something that I think is a really important practice for all of us right now is to do things just for fun, because sometimes, and I really fall into this, I read very little fiction, I feel like most of my books that I read are about something that I’m learning to share or learning for one of my books. I love it, but it’s not fun reading or activities. And, lately, I’ve been letting myself read a little bit more just for fun. And I’ve been drawing with Bubby and doing then my own little art projects, simple art projects, and I really enjoy that. I think it’s important to just let yourself be, Beth, and to allow space for that just creative play.

Kimberly: 33:20 It’s such an important part of childhood. And, and for children learning is to let them play. Play-based early education is fundamental. And as adults, I don’t think we have enough time to play and to be playful and to be light. And so much of this feels so heavy and so serious, and it is, to an extent, people are having really serious health conditions and there’s a lot of serious financial implications of this, but we don’t have to obsess about it day in and day out.

Kimberly: 33:47 So I say, think about what may feel like a fun craft project, Beth, and you can order stuff online. Maybe it’s learning how to knit or paint or draw or, Katelyn on our team, is such a big crafter. She was talking about this project she was doing where she was pressing little beads into something and creating something beautiful just for the sake of that. So I will say, Beth, create a fun little hobby right now, because why not? It’s a great way to stay present, and it’s a great way to just feel that creative power, that spirit inside of you, which is part of your true self, it’s part of your essence to be free and to be playful, and to be… Just being in the world without doing and obsessing. And it’s a great way to let your mind relax. Just in that play space, just try it.

Kimberly: 34:36 And I will also say, of course, I’ve talked about this all the time, because it’s such an important part of my practice, but to allow that space for meditation, to allow the space, to really focus on your breath, and being here now, and really having no other agenda and nothing else to do, and nowhere else to rush off to is just to be here now. And that’s a great break for your mind. And if you’ve never really put any effort into learning meditation, now is such a beautiful, wonderful time to do it. [inaudible 00:35:04] start five or 10 minutes twice a day, and you can build your practice from there and it will be a great, great solace to you. It will be great, great friend through these challenging times and through all the times where you just need to take a break. And remember, over on mysolluna.com, we have those meditations, and also on my Instagram handle, you will find a weekly meditations as well.

Thought of the Week

Kimberly: 35:29 What an amazing topic you guys, you guys are all amazing. I love, love, love to hear about what you’re thinking about because a lot of us are thinking and wondering about the same things and we need to really support each other. And so, my thought of the day, of the week, that I want to close with is, take it one breath at a time. Not even one day at a time, that’s a lot of hours. Just take this breath right here, right now. Focus on relaxing, focus on letting go, focus on shifting away from maybe habits that don’t feel good to anymore, whether that’s drinking an extra glass of wine, or gossiping, or beating yourself up, just try to shift back into love and peace. Try to shift back into yourself, into your heart, into just that loving light space that is you, that’s who you really are, you are a beautiful soul and align with that in each moment.

Kimberly: 36:29 And if you break it up into chunks, sized pieces, little bite-size pieces, not enormous chunks, but little bite-sized chunks, this breath, that breath, for the next few breaths, I’m going to relax. I don’t know how I’m going to handle that thing that’s going to happen tomorrow or next week, but I don’t know, it doesn’t matter. Right now, I have my breath. So take it one breath at a time, beauty, and I love you so much. And I’m so grateful for you. I’m always here. Again, I wish you and your family the best holiday weekend, the best relaxing time ever. I love, love, love you. I will be back here Monday for our next interview podcast. Till then, take care and so much love.