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the beauty detox solution

7 Healthy Food and Snack Ideas For Kids

One of the most common questions I hear from parents following the Beauty Detox Solution is this: what should I feed my kids? It’s a great question and a very important one, given the alarming rise of diet-related problems in children. According to the Centers for...

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How Certain Foods Can Change Your Mood

Feeling grumpy or a little down in the dumps? It could be the foods you eat! The food-mood connection has been the subject of recent research, and many experts now recognize that certain foods have a powerful effect on mood. Motivating our decisions is also money, as...

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25 Foods that are Natural Aphrodisiacs

Looking for a little boost in the bedroom? Life can get to you sometimes, and we often become so bogged down in everyday stresses that the last thing on our mind is sex. Still, physical intimacy is important and a healthy part of a committed relationship. If, during...

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The American Diet and What’s Wrong With It

Since the 1980's, obesity has risen drastically in America. So has the prevalence of type 2 diabetes and autoimmune disorders. Clearly, something is occurring that has led to an alarming change in the health of many Americans in the course of a single generation....

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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

If I had to come up with a list of FAQs, one of the most commonly asked questions is this: “Are there foods I can eat to boost my metabolism?” An efficiently functioning system allows your body to make the most of the nutrients you consume, and when you eat the right...

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The One Day Cleanse

As I've always said, cleansing should be considered a verb, not a noun. What I mean by that is that you should incorporate long-term shifts in your lifestyle, which are far more affective in cleansing the body on a continual and deeper basis rather than short-term...

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