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Feeling Good means we are healthy, balanced, peaceful, confident and joyful, right in the midst of our perfectly imperfect lives. Feeling Good requires us to tune in and nourish our whole selves, which is made up of the four Solluna Cornerstones: our food, our bodies, our emotional well-being and our spiritual growth. Feeling good naturally leads to also looking good, in a much more powerful way from glowing skin created from within, a beautifully healthy body, radiant energy, and a greater level of overall well-being and personal growth.

Thursday is our community show, where I cover a themed topic and answer four questions that come right from members of our community, just like you! We are here to support you in living your most beautiful, inspired and joyful life.

I’m your host, Kimberly Snyder, founder of Solluna, New York Times best-selling author and nutritionist. I’m so grateful and honored we found each other!

This week’s topic is: True Beauty Boosting Tips

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Amanda –  Solluna Circle 

I am in need of a nighttime routine to wind down before bed can you please share your go-to Beauty routine for the evening? Can my routine really affect how I feel?!?

Alyson – Beauty Foods Group

When it comes to skincare what beauty boosting tips can you share? For example: I’ve always used cleansing wipes to get my makeup off, then my cleanser. I’ve found out that I’m sensitive to a preservative in most cleansing wipes so I’m interested in trying something different to amp up my skincare regime.

Sarah – Beauty Foods Group

Do you have recommendations to boost immunity while traveling? Last time I traveled internationally I got so sick I missed a week of work when I returned. Can you share some foods and supplements that make sense?

Lori – Beauty Foods Group

I keep reading about collagen being all the rage right now for skin, hair and nails. My hair is starting to fall out a lot and nails are breaking and chipping regularly. I really DO NOT want to ingest animal collagen. Can you help?

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

“The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart”. – Rumi


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Kimberly: Hi Beauties. Welcome back to our Thursday Q & A podcast. Where our topic today is, True Beauty Boosting Tips. And I’m really excited to talk about beauty today. This is something that I’ve been talking about for years. The word beauty is in four out of five of my book titles, but for me the definition of beauty has really expanded. It really has gone beyond the physical, which is where I started thinking about beauty and I think most all of us think about beauty.

Kimberly: To me, beauty is really a state. It’s really an energy. It’s very magnetic. It’s very powerful. It’s when we’re in touch with our uniqueness. It’s when we’re confident. We don’t have the need, or the need to compare ourselves to others really starts to diminish. We’re all beautiful in our own way, but so much of that tapping in is the connection back to ourselves and again through our four cornerstones of true beauty, food, body practices, taking care of our body properly, balancing our emotions and our spiritual growth are ways to really expand our beauty, again. Physically, but also in a very powerful sense where everybody that is around us can touch it and feel it and see it and experience it. It’s a very powerful state of being. So I want to get into that today and talk about all the different ways that we can really boost it.

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Kimberly: I am so excited for today’s show. Before we jump in, I just want to give you a quick reminder to please make sure to first of all, subscribe to our show, that way you don’t miss any segments, any information that could really help benefit you. And if you could also leave us a review on iTunes, it would be much appreciated. It is a great way to support the show and to help other beauties such as yourself, like yourself rather, find the show and find this information, which can also benefit their lives as well. So all that being said, we have our amazing Katelyn, my beloved Katelyn, she’s our general manager of Solluna. Talk about true beauty, she is one of the most beautiful people I have met. She stands over there blushing right now but…

Katelyn: I am.

Kimberly: You know I say, to me part of beauty is our growth, we grow in our wisdom, our understanding of ourselves. We become like this garden that matures. And I really think that we can become more and more beautiful over time. And I remember when I met Katelyn and she was hardworking, she was in this spa and I plucked her out of there, but now I just feel like she’s grown so much. She’s come into her own, she’s grown in her wisdom in every way. So, hi Kay. Thank you so much for gathering the questions and being here with us today.

Katelyn: Yes, thank you. I’m definitely blushing. Kim and I had a really long conversation yesterday about beauty and growth and just our journeys over the last six or seven years together. So, I agree beauty definitely evolves and just the way we look at it, I definitely looked at beauty differently than I did when I started my journey following Solluna and beauty detox and just really diving in and getting to know myself and kind of like peeling back the layers of an onion. So, thank you for that and excited to be here today and kind of share with the beauties the perspective of the way we look at beauty here at Solluna and through our four cornerstones and just sharing the information to help you guys on your journey.

Kimberly: And I just want to also mention this is lines from Radical Beauty. The fourth book I wrote with Deepak Chopra, and I’m paraphrasing a little bit, but it was something along the lines of, nothing is more beautiful than naturalness. Not trying to be someone else, but being the truest expression of yourself. And I think we’ve all struggled, I know I have in trying to straighten my hair like everybody else or trying to look like everyone else. And I think we all see that a lot nowadays where people’s faces start to look very similar to other faces just because of trying to get similar haircuts or getting their lips done or whatever. There’s nothing wrong with any specific thing. We’re not saying any of it’s wrong per se, but what we’re saying is when we can tap into our essence, when we can make our bodies the healthiest version, when we can make our skin the most beautiful version of itself, when we can really tap into our own wisdom and connect with ourselves, that’s when we really are our most beautiful.

Kimberly: When we are our own unique expression of beauty. It’s a powerful place to come from, and I use this word, magnetic. People want to be around that. It’s confident, it’s strong and it’s its own. So, that’s really the lens at which we look at beauty through and I’m really passionate about helping every single woman discover her own beauty. Because I know the struggle of trying to look like someone else. Again, I struggled with that for years while trying to constantly lose weight or change ourselves versus relaxing into ourselves and deepening the health of who we are. So our truest expression starts to come forth more.

Katelyn: Yes, 100%. I think all women have some element of that. For me too I always wanted a different body type or was trying to change how I looked and when I started to embrace just who I am beyond the physical being, it really brought a lot of happiness and joy into my world that I didn’t even know existed. So, we can kind of dig into that today. We do have a special show today. All of the questions come from our online groups, from our Solluna Circle Private Community and from our Beauty Detox Foods group on Facebook. We’ve been really diving into the community, listening to what you guys are saying, as we plan for 2020 and all of the amazing offerings we plan to bring you and we wanted to dedicate this show to you guys for being there and putting your questions and to have Kim answer them personally today here on the podcast.

Kimberly: Awesome Kay. We love our groups.

Question 1: I am in need of a nighttime routine to wind-down before bed. Can you please share your go to beauty routine for the evening and can my routine really affect how I feel?

Katelyn: Yeah, no, it’s been a lot of great action there. So every once in a while I’ll be like to do this. So, we can dive right in. The first question is from Amanda and this was in our Soluna Circle group and she’s asking, I am in need of a nighttime routine to wind-down before bed. Can you please share your go to beauty routine for the evening and can my routine really affect how I feel?

Kimberly: Amanda, thank you so much for your question. I think that there is a lot of great avenues we can go here. First of all, beauty sleep is absolutely critical to view true beauty because if we are groggy, if we are exhausted, we are not in our fullest power. And of course, not getting enough sleep affects our hormones adversely. It also affects the way that our collagen and our skin is able to repair. It won’t repair as efficiently. So our skin over time starts to look dull, it starts to age more quickly. Also, this whole idea of soothing our nervous system at the end of the day, which we can do with an evening routine and breaking up the work day and the relaxation part of our day, is part of the Recita part of Ayurveda, which is considered some of the most anti-aging practices out there.

Kimberly: So if we have a level of stress, if our body is tense, if we have a lot on our mind, and again, we don’t rest as deeply, it affects us on so many levels. Which is why the night routine is really critical. My night routine, first of all, always involves an elixir, always, always, always. I have one every single night, pretty much without fail. It never has caffeine in it. And I do vary it. So sometimes I like to use Tulsi, which is Holy Basil, which is an adaptogen that’s very good. Again, for calming your nervous system. It’s been windy lately and probably for you guys too in the fall, so I’ve been doing a lot of just straight up hot water with lemon at night. Sometimes I do lemon and ginger, but sometimes I do a warming elixir, which is the recipe in our Solluna Circle this month, with cloves and cardamom and cinnamon, but whatever it is, it’s number one going to be hot.

Kimberly: I think the heat helps to bring us present. It helps to ground us in our body. It makes us sip, so we have to slow down. It takes the pace down and again, a lot of these herbs have warming properties,, they boost digestion, and they just help us to be more present in our body, which is what we want to get into as the evening progresses. We don’t want to be up in our heads. So, to me the elixir is essential. In the evening. I most often always take detoxy as well, just to get that oxygen in my body, which is also anti-aging and also just helps to promote more release through the night and into the morning, so that I feel lighter the next day and it’s cyclical. So then through the day I felt good and the next night I feel good as well.

Kimberly: I always like to eat. Part of my evening routine I would say is to try to eat a couple hours before bed. We all know the feeling of eating right before bed and it feels very heavy. We are digesting through the night. It’s not conducive to deep breast in rejuvenation. So just making sure that you look at your routine and try to allow enough time between eating and sleep as much as possible. My evening routine always involves smell as well. So, I either I’m going to burn incense, natural incense, I’ve been burning a lot of frankincense or I’m going to light one of my natural soy candles or I’m going to do something with essential oils, whether it’s a diffuser or our resident expert, Charlotte Avery who comes down here quarterly, has taught me the trick of putting either… At night, I like to do Neroli or Roman chamomile and putting them on a cotton pad and putting it in my pillowcase.

Kimberly: And so I think scent can really shift our mood as well. It can downgrade our brains and just let us relax our amped up systems, our adrenals, it’s like everything relax more. So, Elixir, Detoxy, eating a couple of hours before bed, using scent. And then I do like to do some type of self massage. If I don’t do a full Abhyanga body massage, I’ll just massage my feet and my hands and that also feels really relaxing. Although if I do Abhyanga, I like to take a warm shower before bed and that’s also part of my practice. And in the last two components are number one, I like to journal. I like to get my thoughts out. This is something that Dr. Michael Bruce talked about on our podcast as well. If you get things out on paper, it allows you to release them from your mind, which helps with insomnia.

Kimberly: So I always do a little journaling. I like to do reading, I get off my devices and then lastly I always like to meditate. And that again puts us back into deep breathing, it relaxes our system, it connects us with source and all of these work together holistically to boost your beauty. Again, the elixirs have powerful ingredients to help with digestion. Everything is working to better your beauty sleep, which is essential. Everything is working to relax your nervous system, which is also essential to energy and anti-aging. Those are some of the components of my routine. You can mix and match. Maybe relaxing music is part of yours or adding something else. What about you Kay? Is there anything that I didn’t mention that you do?

Katelyn: I definitely do a lot of those things. I’ve been having trouble disconnecting at night, because being on the computer all day with work, and then my fiance likes to watch TV so then I would just be watching more TV than usual. So it’s like a lot of visual stimulation that I’ve been getting headaches. So I’ve been trying to, as you mentioned, get off the TV, get off the electronics, at least an hour before bed and started doing like a hot shower and I’m just kind of relaxing. I think you named most of it. I definitely got into elixirs especially I had been eating really bad at night and so I feel like my elixir kind of helps me stay on track too. Because it’s like warm and yummy and gives me that satisfaction I’m looking for without like having a heavy treat that then makes me not sleep good.

Katelyn: So I think everything there that you hit is definitely things I do. And I was going to mention that, just we do live in such a time there’s so much stimulation going on, to really make the nighttime routine a priority, because when you don’t sleep well you don’t feel as good. One thing I have is like keeping everything really dark too in my room. And I cover up all the lights and just kind of go into my room and sit in the dark for a while to kind of calm down from all the lights that I deal with all day long.

Kimberly: Yeah. Thank you for reminding me. Yeah, lights is really important to just relaxing your brain, more natural light because back in the past we didn’t have electricity, so we just had fire and a lot of darkness and you know what’s amazing Kay? Living here in Topanga, where we just moved a couple of weeks ago, which is by far my most favorite place I have ever lived in my life. I feel like it is the most me, it’s hippie, it’s boho, it’s earthy. I’m surrounded by mountains and trees and it’s amazing how dark it is here at night. There aren’t streetlights,

Katelyn: Right.

Kimberly: There’s a dark sky ordinance so they really limit outdoor lights and it’s so nice to be more in the dark.

Katelyn: Yeah. And especially now it’s like yeah, we just had daylight savings again and it’s just gets dark so early. And so we do have more of the fluorescent lighting throughout the day, that we have less during the summer and just kind of being attuned to that for sure can help you make sure you’re sleeping better and have a good routine so you wake up in a good mood. Because, when I don’t sleep, I wake up really cranky and it’s not a good way to start the day.

Kimberly: It’s true. So true.

Question 2: When it comes to skincare, what beauty boosting tips can you share? For example, I’ve always used cleansing wipes to get my makeup off then my cleanser. I found out recently that I’m sensitive to a preservative and most cleansing wipes, so I’m interested in trying something different to amp up my skincare regimen.

Katelyn: Okay beauties. Let’s see what Alison is thinking and she posted this in our Beauty Detox Foods group. When it comes to skincare, what beauty boosting tips can you share? For example, I’ve always used cleansing wipes to get my makeup off then my cleanser. I found out recently that I’m sensitive to a preservative and most cleansing wipes, so I’m interested in trying something different to amp up my skincare regimen.

Kimberly: Alison, thank you so much for your question. It’s pretty scary when you look at the ingredients, in most cleansing wipes. It seems like they would be innocuous and mostly water, but there is a lot of chemicals. So, I do not recommend those wipes. I think a better way to go, is to get yourself some organic cotton pads. You can get them in bulk. They’re not that expensive, and if you want to put a little bit of coconut oil on the cleansing pad, you can easily take your eye makeup off and you don’t have to use those cleansing wipes. You also want to make sure you’re using a cleanser that isn’t going to strip your skin. Our Feel Good Cleanser, throw it out there a little bit is amazing, designed by yours truly and it does take off eye makeup. But regardless of what cleanser you do choose, you want to make sure that you take enough time to cleanse your skin.

Kimberly: It’s like, you’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes and hit all different parts of your tooth, and along your gum line. I find that a lot of people don’t cleanse their skin enough, and that first step is so important because it removes all the pollution and the grime and the oil and everything that keeps your other products from penetrating more deeply. So I know when I started really cleansing more, I noticed a big difference in the glow of my skin. Sometimes, when I get my makeup done, and it’s pretty intense, and they’re using all sorts of stuff, I do do the coconut oil first, I cleanse for a while. Another thing I like to do is I like to put on my cream in upward strokes and I just feel like it sort of is good for muscle tone somehow.

Kimberly: Facialists have told me that, instead of dragging your skin down, you want to kind of lift it up. And then the other thing I like to do is, there are many Marma points in your face, which are basically like energy points. Like there’s acupuncture points, acupressure points, naughty lines. So Marma points are what Ayurveda calls these little energy nodules so to speak. So when you’re putting on your cream, I like to do this, imagine you take your fingers up in your forehead, just over your eyebrows and you say you’re making like a heart shape. Please start in between top of your nose, then you go up over your eyebrows and then you circle around the outside of your cheek and then go down to your chin, up to your mouth, trace the line of your mouth, and then up the sides of your nose.

Kimberly: So, you’re kind of just doing it in like two ovals. Like that makes sense. Like both sides of your face with both hands. And if you do that pattern three times, you are hitting a lot of Marma points, which are said to relax stress in your face. So again, they’re supposed to be rejuvenative, anti-aging benefits and also feels great. It feels relaxing. And at some point, Kay, I will do a video. It’s probably easier to see this on video and we can post it in the groups as well. But it’s basically just tracing again your face over whatever your eyebrows, down your face, up down to your chin, around your mouth, around your nose and back up three times on each side. And that’s another part of my skincare routine I like to do.

Katelyn: I love that. I was wondering if you’re going to bring that up. I was remembering back two years ago, we did an awesome retreat with editors and,

Kimberly: Yes.

Katelyn: When I first started working here and you had that chart and it’s the first time I was exposed to the Marma points, even though I had worked in spas and with estheticians for a long time, I had never heard about, energies on the face and it was just so interesting to dive in there. And I too Alison have been a junkie of wipes in the past and I actually started like breaking out from them. And since we’ve launched our skincare line last year and switching over to really all natural non-toxic products, has made a big difference in my life, in my skincare routine. Because I’ve definitely tried a lot of different products and it can really have an effect on your skin.

Kimberly: Yeah. Exactly. Wonderful.


Katelyn: Okay beauties. Well it’s about that time in the show where we take a short break, Kimberly will be right back and then she’ll answer the last two questions.

Kimberly: Hi, beauties. We are back from our short break, and we have two more questions for you guys about boosting true beauty, which again is on all levels. When we feel beautiful, we are more beautiful, we can physically support our health and vitality. It does reflect outwardly and more natural beauty. So there’s many, many, many levels of this topic and we will continue to talk about it beyond the show. But today I’m excited to hear about the next two questions Kay.

Question 3: Do you have any recommendations to boost your immunity while traveling? Last time I traveled internationally, I got sick and missed a week of work when I returned. Can you share some foods and supplements that make sense?

Katelyn: Yeah, me too. I love this one from Sarah. She is asking, do you have any recommendations to boost your immunity while traveling? Last time I traveled internationally, I got sick and missed a week of work when I returned. Can you share some foods and supplements that make sense?

Kimberly: So a great thing that you can do when you go traveling, you could take it in a little bit of a glass container, is the Lickable Immunity Paste recipe. This is our aggravated recipe, it comes from Dr. Jay, my teacher. And when you’re on the road you would just take a spoon and take a spoon of it every day while you’re traveling. The recipe includes powdered cloves, powdered cinnamon, freshly ground black pepper, powdered tumeric, and the basis either raw honey or maple syrup. So what you want to do is just mix all those ingredients together and again, you could get a little bit of a glass jar and take it with you and all of these warming herbs cleanse your system. It’s a great thing to do after meals. They have some digestive power as well and it is really great for your immunity.

Kimberly: I have been doing this immunity paste a lot lately myself. I guess you could call me a beegun, I am plant-based, but I am okay having bee pollen and ethically sourced raw honey. I do like raw honey, but I also like maple syrup and again it’s cloves, cinnamon, freshly ground black pepper, don’t use a pre-ground pepper because then the oils aren’t as potent and then tumeric mixed in your sweet base. Take that when you travel, and it’s just a wonderful, wonderful thing to do on the road. I also recommend making sure that you’re drinking your hot water with lemon and possibly ginger on the road, on the plane, in airports, wherever you can get it. You want that boost of vitamin C, you want that boost of enzymes just to really support your system, and you definitely want to make sure you’re taking your SBO Probiotics everywhere on the road, they don’t have to be refrigerated and that’s a really important base when our gut health is fortified, we are going to be healthier and stronger in general.

Katelyn: Yes. Traveling, I always find I get sick too, especially being more… When I lived in the city I was exposed to a lot more, but now I’m not, so I always have to amp up when I’m traveling too to make sure to not get sick because airplanes are a big area where people tend to pick up germs and things like that. So having these little tricks and hacks, like the immunity page, which we’ll put in the blog for you guys, the exact recipe, it’s really easy to make. It only takes a couple of minutes and then you can carry it with you throughout [inaudible 00:23:19] even if you’re not traveling.

Kimberly: Exactly. I love it. It’s so nice to make these little recipes that are ancient and potent and work. I think it’s really fun to make them as well.

Question 4: I keep reading about collagen being all the rage right now for skin, hair, and nails. My hair is starting to fall out, and my nails are breaking and chipping regularly. But I really do not want to ingest any more collagen. How can you help?

Katelyn: Totally. Okay. Let’s go to Laurie’s question, and obviously this was also posted in the Beauty Detox Foods group, and she says, I keep reading about collagen being all the rage right now for skin, hair, and nails. My hair is starting to fall out, and my nails are breaking and chipping regularly. But I really do not want to ingest any more collagen. How can you help?

Kimberly: Laurie, thank you so much for your question. This has certainly come up a lot, and I know it’s a very big trend to have collagen, but again, I’ve talked about this a lot in the past. It’s sort of like the philosophy that if you want to have healthy hair you need to eat hair, just because you want healthy skin doesn’t mean you need to eat collagen.

Katelyn: Right.

Kimberly: There’s many different ways to really boost the health of your skin, hair, and nails. A great compound to make sure you’re getting enough of, is Silica. Silica is very important and creates the shine and it just creates strength. And so, you want to make sure that you are getting Silica through foods like cucumbers with the skin on, the nice green healthy skin. You want to make sure that you are… If you’re concerned, you could also get some supplements for Silica, there’s a lot of liquid supplements out there. I definitely recommend that over collagen. You want to make sure that you’re eating enough B vitamins as well.

Kimberly: One of the best sources of B vitamins is through nutritional yeast, which you can sprinkle on your food, you can sprinkle on salads, whatever, and that’s a really great way to make sure that you’re getting enough B vitamins into your body, which is then really important for your hair, skin and nails. Enough easily digestible protein as well. You could always make yourself a Power Protein Smoothie. A lot of these protein powders like *Sunwarrior are very easily assimilated amino acids, which we need for our skin and our hair and our nails. That’s really important as well. And so these are some of the ways… And then just like lots of vitamin C and also just foods like red bell peppers, lemons, salads, veggies, spinach, GGS. BONUS: You can use the code FEELGOOD to get 20% off at checkout at sunwarrior.com.

Kimberly: To me that’s one of the best ways to internally boost your beauty, as well as putting the vitamin C on topically. And we don’t owe books on this right now. I just want to say I have never taken collagen, and my nails are so strong that they never break, because of this plant based diet, because of the silica and the plant protein, the B vitamins, the yeast. You can also take a full spectrum multivitamin with the B vitamins in there if you are concerned in any way, but I really don’t believe you need to eat collagen to have healthy hair and skin. We see some of the most beautiful, healthy people in the world that are plant-based and don’t have collagen. And they also don’t have the toxic buildup that comes with animal products. And it’s just really important to look at everything holistically. So remember vitamins, just pure foods, having a lot of hydration, lots of coconut water and regular room temperature water, these are all ways that your hair and your skin and your nails will certainly benefit.

Katelyn: And I think that’s a good reminder to look at everything holistically. And it’s not always supplement for supplement where like you’re saying, it’s diet, it’s lifestyle, it’s the practices we incorporate into our daily life that really affect everything and opposed to just relying on, “Oh, I’m going to take this supplement. It’s going to fix everything.” I think that that’s an important reminder for everybody as all the rage comes up, and trends come and go, stick with the lifestyle. And we have a lot with our four cornerstones. If you guys haven’t checked out our four cornerstones guide yet, it’s on the website, mysolluna.com you guys could check it out there and download it. Where it has every area, food, body, emotional well being and spirituality. And there’s touch points there for you guys to dig deeper into these topics that it’s not just surface and, just kind of you can start to scratch, scratch a little bit deeper in with our guide.

Kimberly: Awesome. Kay. Thank you.

Thought of the Week

Katelyn: Okay, beauties, as always, before we let Kimberly go for the week, we’d love to see if you have an inspirational thought for us.

Kimberly: So I wanted to read a quote from Rumi, on beauty, because I think again in our society there’s so much emphasis on beauty in a one dimensional way. And beauty is again, it’s a state of being. It’s powerful. It can’t just be painted on, with pretty makeup. In every level we need to build it from the inside. We need to build it from our connection to ourself, from the health that we build, from the foods that we eat. And there’s a very spiritual quality to beauty. Beauty is a quality of God, of the universe, whatever word you want to use. So this is a quote that Rumi said, the only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart. Very simple. But when we think about… If we put all our attachment on external beauty and having our skin look a very specific way, what happens is we’re all going to age and develop and shift and change.

Kimberly: And we may get sun spots or age spots and we don’t need to feel less beautiful per se if we are connected to ourselves. Again, this idea of the four cornerstones of true beauty and their spiritual connection, how loving we are, how compassionate we are with others. That is a beauty that endures, that is a beauty that is so attractive, that everybody around will want to be around you and think you are the most beautiful. It’s powerful, it’s lasting, it’s impactful and it will go beyond just the fleeting surface beauties of the world. So I just want to mention the spiritual aspect. We talk a lot about this show, about the physical part, which again is important and we will always support that and always talk about that too. But just to end the show on that note I think is also important.

Katelyn: Totally. I think it’s so great to look at beauty from this perspective, that it’s dynamic and it’s not just one dimensional and really opening up that viewpoint for everybody to look at it in a different way, I think it’s amazing and as always, thank you for your time today, Kim, and being here on the show with us and the beauties. And beauties thank you. As always, we want you to head over to mysolluna.com/askkimberly. There’s the form there where you put your questions every week and we collect them and that’s how we make the shows.

Kimberly: Awesome Kay. Well, thank you so much for all your work here and thank you beauties so much for tuning in. We’ll be back here Monday for our next interview podcast. So then as Kay said, we are always listening. Please keep your questions coming. We’re also on Instagram at _Kimberly Snyder for daily motivation and inspiration. But take great care of yourself, make an elixir for yourself today. Warm up, tune in and we will see you back here in a few days, sending you so much love.