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I am so excited because it’s time for this week’s Q&A segment on “Beauty Inside Out” with Kimberly Snyder! This week, I answer four trending questions from the Beauty Detox Community.

This week’s most popular question was: How to minimize the negative impact of alcoholic beverages?

Have you been asking yourself this very same question? If you want to know the answer to this question and three more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Shayla – Honolulu, Hawaii

I’ve been incorporating more turmeric into my daily diet and wanted to know what the differences are between turmeric root and turmeric powder. Am I getting the same nutritional benefits if I use the dehydrated form?

Jennifer – Logandale, NV

My son started first grade this past August and I am still struggling trying to prepare his lunches each day. He only has 20 minutes to eat and often doesn’t get through the small portions I give him. He loves avocados, so I’ll often put that in his lunch along with carrots/tomatoes/cucumbers (easy finger foods), but I know he doesn’t want an avocado every day and veggies and fruit aren’t enough to fill him up. What are some other ideas I could pack up for him?

Juliette – Montreal, CA

I know alcohol is definitely not the best thing for the body, but I am a 21 year old student and I do enjoy having a drink with friends once in awhile. What would you recommend to minimize the negative impacts of drinking?

Jill – Houston, TX

I see this question all over your instagram, and we need to know! Which gluten free wraps do you recommend? I can never take a wrap to work or on the go because they crack and become a mess! Also, any tips to avoid cracking?

Inspirational Thought Of The Week

Picture of Kimberly walking outside with her GGS.

Self doubt, not lack of talent, is what really holds us back.

Believe in yourself!


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