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This week’s topic is: Strengthening Your Body for Flu Season

It sort of feels, in a way, that we’ve been in a quasi flu season state for more than half a year already with COVID going on. And now that we’re getting into the windier months and more deeply into fall and then winter, we also have the regular flu.

For all these different reasons, we want to make sure that we are fortifying ourselves as much as possible. We want to make sure that we’re strengthening ourselves and taking advantage of all the ways that we can enhance our lifestyles.

This includes keeping ourselves and our families as safe and as healthy as possible. Today we’re going to get into ways we can strengthen our bodies for flu season and beyond!

Have you been wondering about this very topic? If you want to know the answer to this question and 3 more sent in by Beauties just like you, listen now to find out!

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[Questions Answered]

Steve – Idaho

What do you suggest for additional supplement sources in addition to your supplements to keep immunity up?

Corinna – Maine

I’m freaking out about what my kids may bring home each day from school when it comes to any cold, flu or covid. What can I give my 7 and 9 year olds to keep them as healthy as possible?

Cyndi – Cape Cod

How do you keep your physical body in top shape for flu season?

Susie – Utah 

Do you think having hot water and lemon and the GGS everyday is enough to help keep my immune system strong?


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Inspirational Thought of the Week

Your point of power is in the present moment.


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Kimberly : 00:00 Hey Beauties. Welcome back to our Thursday, Q&A community show where our topic today is Strengthening Your Body for Flu Season. And it sort of felt in a way that we’ve been in a quasi flu season state for more than half a year already with COVID going on. But now that we’re getting into the windier months, now that we’re getting more deeply into fall and then winter, we also have the regular flu.

Kimberly : 00:29 So for all these different reasons, we want to make sure that we are fortifying ourselves as much as possible. We want to make sure that we’re strengthening ourselves and taking advantage of all the ways that we can enhance our lifestyles to of course, keep ourselves and our families as safe and as healthy as possible. So we’re going to get into it today, I’m so excited to hear your questions.

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Kimberly : 00:51 Before we jump in very quick reminder, please leave us a review on iTunes, which is just a great, wonderful way to support the show. It’s free, it’s easy, and it helps other beauties like yourself find the show, and while you’re at it, you can also please be sure to subscribe. And that way you don’t miss out on any of these Q&A podcasts or interview podcasts, which we have on Monday. We all get busy so subscribing is a really great way just to make sure that you stay tuned in and you stay in the flow.

Kimberly : 01:22 All right, so let’s get going right into our topic today Beauties, I know that immunity has been on our minds for many, many months and it’s just been a very interesting time. There’s been ups and downs, where I live in California, there’s been full quarantine periods. Then there’s been periods where it’s felt a little bit more relaxed. For me, I’ve just been pretty much home the whole time where we live in the mountains. And especially because we just had Moses, we just had a new baby a few months ago, I would have been pretty much quarantined any way.

Kimberly : 02:00 But now that we have a much longer summer in California, but now for almost all of us, we’re starting to think about this wind that’s getting picked up. And the fact that this is the season where stuff tends to get passed around, COVID year or not. There’s just the normal sort of range of colds and the flu and just different ways that we may feel under the weather. So it’s really important that we go into this season in a strong, as fortified as possible.

Question 1: What do you suggest for additional supplement sources in addition to your supplements to keep your immunity up?

Kimberly : 02:33 So first question, let’s get right into your questions. I’m going to be doing the questions as we have been doing lately, because Caitlin’s been so busy with really, really great stuff to come for you guys. So I’m going to be reading the questions and answering them myself. And the first one comes from Steve in Idaho and he says, I love it, we have a brother in our community now answering questions. Hi, Steve. First of all, welcome. Thank you for your question. Huge virtual hug. I know that we have a lot of men and I know that a lot of the partners of our women are somewhat part of our community, but sometimes we don’t get as many questions from men.

Kimberly : 03:14 So this is really exciting to see your questions Steve who writes, what do you suggest for additional supplement sources in addition to your supplements to keep your immunity up? So this is a really great question, Steve, first of all, I would say that, yes, thank you for bringing up our settlements. I stand by the fact that the SBO Probiotic is the number one thing you want to do right now, because so much of your immunity is centered in your gut.

Kimberly : 03:43 So it’s really, really critical that you continue to take your SBO Probiotic, which is the form that nature provides probiotics. It’s the form that survives stomach acid. And so it’s going to support your immunity as well as your overall vitality, your skin, your energy, your digestion, everything.

Kimberly : 04:01 Now, the other supplement I would point out is really, really important is the Detoxy supplement because when your body is clogged, when there’s backup, when there’s more waste in your system, it’s an easier breeding ground, it’s a more conducive breeding ground, shall we say for viruses and bacteria to take cold. So for those reasons, you definitely want to be sure to clean out your system regularly and to take Detoxy just as I do pretty much every week, I don’t take it every day unless I’m traveling, but I take it very often, sometimes a few days in a row. Sometimes I’ll skip a day. Sometimes I take it every other day, at least. And the digestive enzymes are also really, really wonderful to make sure you’re getting the most nutrition out of your food.

Kimberly : 04:46 Now, beyond that, I would say that the next thing that I like to pay attention to is stacking the right foods that are going to boost immunity. So before I reach for additional supplements, I highly recommend stacking up on ginger, which is warming it’s a warming herb that really starts to just, you can feel that it’s activating your digestion. It’s helping your body function in more optimal ways. I remember when COVID first hit. And I think one of the last times I went to the grocery store before the birth, there was just a few times I went, ginger completely out. So the word had gotten out or people were doing some searching around and there was just no more ginger and I couldn’t find it for weeks.

Kimberly : 05:32 So thankfully that surplus, that supply has been rebalanced. And so I do recommend really stocking up on ginger, slicing it, putting it in your hot water with lemon in the mornings, putting it in your soups and stews, just working it in as a wonderful, wonderful way to support immunity. In fact, if you make that elixir or the simple elixir of ginger and lemon with a little bit of raw honey, if you have honey or a little bit of coconut sugar or coconut nectar, if you find it too sour, that is going to be a wonderful, wonderful thing for your system. So I highly recommend doing that right now. I also think that in general, we want to keep our bodies really, really strong. And another thing that’s important is eating more vitamin C foods in general. So this is where your glowing green smoothie is going to be key because vitamin C is heat sensitive.

Kimberly : 06:27 So if you’re eating cooked vegetables, for instance, you’re going to have fiber, you’re going to get minerals, but the amount of vitamin C in those foods may be greatly impaired. So I definitely recommend keeping some raw veggies and to make sure that you’re getting some of that goodness into your system.

Kimberly : 06:45 Now, one of the most popular supplements out there right now, that’s been around during this COVID period that I get asked about a lot is elderberry. This is something that has been shown to attack flu viruses and to also help to support respiratory health. So my mom was into elderberry and I have been using elderberry when I would have some sort of cough or illness for a lot of my life, just because of my mom. So I had good experiences with it. I think that if you are going to take something supplemental, there’s definitely some evidence that shows that it’s a really good thing to take, especially at the very, very beginning of when you feel that you’re a susceptible to the flu or you feel like something may be coming on, it’s not a bad idea to stock in your home.

Kimberly : 07:46 Another one that is also a great thing to stock this time of year is echinacea, tried and true, been around for years and years and years, believed to be really helpful in helping your body fight off infections. So that’s something you can have as well. And like I said, even something like a raw honey, the manuka honey, has been shown to have some great immunity enhancing benefits. And you also want to drink a lot of water just to flush out your system, to flush germs and viruses out of your system, your body just in general function so much better when it’s hydrated, when it’s fully, fully hydrated.

Kimberly : 08:29 So I will say again, as you can see from my response, my go-to is always food, including ginger and vitamin C rich foods, and then food based supplements. I think if you’re taking your probiotics and you’re drinking lots of water, you’re doing the best thing you can do as well. You don’t need to run out and buy 50 different supplements. That’s going to tax your body, which has to digest all those supplements. It’s a lot of money. And to be honest, I just don’t know that that’s going to really add much more benefit. So go with that and remember that as scary as it can seem as much as everything’s going on, because everything’s going on in the world. Common sense ways to take care of your wellness, which I hope to be going through in a general sense. And one of these questions about the cornerstones, I think is the most powerful, powerful way that you can really fortify your body. So if not in the next two questions that I’m going to tell you my overall tips, but let’s see if one of our beauties are going to ask me directly.

Question 2: I’m freaking out about what my kids may bring home each day from school when it comes to any cold, flu or COVID, what can I give my seven and nine year olds to keep them as healthy as possible? 

Kimberly : 09:37 The next question… Thank you, Steve so much love the question. And now the next one comes from Corinna and she is from Maine. She writes, I’m freaking out about what my kids may bring home each day from school when it comes to any cold, flu or COVID, what can I give my seven and nine year olds to keep them as healthy as possible? Corina I am with you about kids, for that reason, Baby E is only in preschool, but we decided to keep him home this year because I was myself, pretty freaked out about the schools and the sharing of toys going around. But some school districts are open and some kids like yours are older and definitely are in an age where there’s a lot of important education and educational activities going on. So we want to do the best that we can. And especially if our kids are physically in school right now.

Kimberly : 10:35 So what I will say is, first of all, have a conversation with your children, which you probably have had already and put hand sanitizer in their school bags, just have that conversation about washing their hands and being as careful as possible about not putting things in their mouth. I don’t have kids that old yet. I know when I talked to Baby E about this, it’s a little bit futile because he is four. And that’s why I don’t take him to stores or anywhere because he just is such a free spirit and he’s going to touch things. He puts things in his mouth, but I’m hoping by seven and nine years old, there’s a little bit more discrimination in that way and is not so much of an issue.

Kimberly : 11:22 So I would say to first of all, have that conversation. Second of all, similarly to what we were talking about with Steve, actually now let’s go into our cornerstones so we can cover this now, I’ve been wanting to talk about it. So first cornerstone is food. So similarly to Steve’s question, it’s a great idea to keep stocking your kid’s diet with vitamin C rich foods. And if they can tolerate ginger, I would bring it in too, Baby E is okay with things that contain ginger, he’s just not okay eating the actual ginger. So I’m sure to fish it out of soups and stews that we eat as a family so that he doesn’t ingest any of them.

Kimberly : 12:04 So you want to make sure your kids, if they are GGS drinkers, keep it up. Another thing to do is to make salad dressings sauces for them with lemon juice, vitamin C, something simple, like a creamy, I’m just thinking off the top of my head, but I make a Caesar dressing that was in beauty detox foods that had pine nuts, or you can use cashews and some nutritional yeast and to brighten it some vitamin C. So you could pour that over some steam veggies, for instance. So you can find different ways to use lemon or even raw red peppers that your kids could dip with hummus. Just remember that vitamin C is heat sensitive. So any time you can give your kids some raw foods, and again, this includes sauces and dressings, you’re going to really benefit them vitamin C wise.

Kimberly : 12:58 This is also really important that kids, I’m a big believer in kids taking probiotics as well. So I give Baby E some of our SBO Probiotics. I open up the capsule and give him about half of a capsule. You can see what feels right for you and your family, you can talk to your doctor, but I am a big believer in kids taking care of their gut health as well. So that would fall into our second cornerstone body. So I would say definitely you want to give your kids probiotics and very important is to make sure your kids are sleeping well. Sleep has such a high correlation to high immunity and bedtime practices sticking to which may be easier now, I’m hoping it’s easier with Baby E because we are getting into the darker part of the year. So the night fall is coming sooner. So maybe your kids, you can sneak in a little bit more time for them to sleep, which is definitely going to benefit their immunity as well of course, as their focus and their ability to concentrate at school.

Kimberly : 14:06 Now, emotional wellbeing, stress, we know very much reduces immunity. So I would just make sure that we create a space for your kids, where you could talk about feelings, there may be fear, there may be things your kids are starting to process about what’s going on in the world and uncertainty about the future. So you just really want to be an open space to create that open communication so your kids can come to you and they can process their feelings and they don’t have pent up stress. And I think that’s… We think about stress a lot as it pertains to academics or pertains to adults. But I think kids, they’re trying to make their way in the world and they’re trying to understand the world and they too can have so much stress. So please, great practices is to make space for that.

Kimberly : 14:58 And then finally, our fourth cornerstone is spiritual growth. And just having that space to connect in. So with kids, Baby E does meditate, it’s not super long, but he sits. And I just want him to get used to feeling this connection with his breath and with deep breathing and with being still, I think it’s a wonderful skill for children to learn. And even though we’re talking about flu season, again, there’s so much about stress and over-activated nervous system and adrenal fatigue and all these things that add up to compromise our immunity. So if you can teach your kids to do a meditation or maybe just to find time to play outside in nature, to get away from electronic devices to connect back in with their real essence. I just think that’s a way to just let energy flow and be free and not have anything emotionally energetically pent up in the body.

Kimberly : 15:57 Of course, standard practices about hand washing and sanitizing. And I’m not sure what your kid’s school’s policy is on masks or anything, but just all these natural precautions I would say, as parents and as citizens of the community, we just take these steps and we do our best. But we can’t also get debilitated and get obsessed and we don’t want our kids to feel obsessed, we want to live our lives, take the proper steps, keep on top of the science that’s coming out in relation to the flu and also to COVID and to keep walking forward. And that’s why I bring up this four cornerstone philosophy because it’s so balanced and because in this is our mental health and our stress and the mind and our spiritual wellbeing. So I very much encourage that you [inaudible 00:16:48] and all you beauties out there, really take that approach.


Kimberly : 16:53 All right. Love this topic, love your questions so far, we have two more questions for you guys on this topic, strengthening your body for flu season. When we come back right from this break.

Question 3: How do you keep your physical body in top shape for flu season?

Kimberly : 17:20 All right, Beauties, we have two more questions for you love’s on this topic of fortifying ourselves against the flu. And the first one comes from Cindy who lives in Cape Cod and she writes, how do you keep your physical body in top shape for flu season? Cindy, I thank you so much for being part of your community. First of all, I have lots of say, Cape Cod is a place I went as a kid, I love it so much. I imagine this time of year, it gets a little bit damp and windy and cold. So make sure that you are really protecting your throat and really wearing a lot of scarves. This is a big principle and Ayurveda is to really protect the vulnerability of your throat when vata season comes, which we’re coming into now, the windy cold season, you really just want to wrap your throat with warm material and keep it nice and cozy in there as well.

Kimberly : 18:17 Our physical bodies are of course physical, but I just want to reiterate what I was saying in Corina’s question last that everything affects everything else. So we want to look at this from the Four Cornerstone perspective, stress in our mind, just toxic patterns, the way that we talk to ourselves, the imagery, what we saturate our mind with has an effect on the physical body, which is why we talk so much about emotional and mental health. It’s so, so important.

Kimberly : 18:55 So I will say everything that I’ve talked about so far applies Cindy, but specifically going into the physical body, I will say. And I don’t say this in a bragging way. I say this in a way that I do believe, there’s a lot we can do for our immunity. I will say, knock on wood that I have never gotten the flu. I’ve also never gotten a flu vaccine. I focus on for different reasons, I focus on my immunity, I focus on my inner health and I really focus on keeping my body clean that I’ve emphasized to guys for so many years.

Kimberly : 19:32 So for me, that is a huge part of my approach to immunity is cleaning out my colon. Now we know the colon has a relationship with our liver, which is our other main detoxifying organ. So immunity has to do with cleaning out what’s in our system so much that our organs can really be at the top of their game when it comes to protecting us from foreign matter and including foreign viruses coming into our system. So Detoxy, Detoxy, Detoxy is really important taking this oxygen based supplement before bed, which you can check out @mysolluna.com if you’re interested.

Kimberly : 20:18 Also eating a lot of fibrous foods, only plant foods have fiber. So you want to make sure you’re stocking up on those veggies and those Hardy veggie soups. Now this time of year, I’m pretty much having that everyday awesome soup. And every week, a couple of times, which is in recipes, we are perfectly imperfect life. I vary the veggies and sometimes I vary the seasoning and sometimes I put a nutritional yeast if I want it to feel a little bit more dense, sometimes I don’t, but I have that veggie lentil, ginger soup with a brown rice a lot.

Kimberly : 20:51 So just thinking about having simple recipes that you can go to this time of year, again with ingredients like ginger, fiber filled veggies, and then sprinkling on some micro greens on top or cilantro, some raw vitamin C rich veggies is a really a perfect, wonderful immunity based meal. So just thinking about that, thinking about cutting out anything that feels clogging or too heavy to you right now, especially if you have some remnants of dairy in your diet or anything like that, it’s a time to just clean up. So we were really focusing on foods that are as easy to digest as possible.

Kimberly : 21:29 Now body-wise and it just talk about this in different iterations. We talked about how important sleep is in the last question. And I just want to say that it’s not just sleep, but getting into deep rejuvenative sleep where your body can repair and your body can protect itself against these viruses. So I am a big fan of wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening. I am a big fan of having evening routine and meditating before bed and having a practice so that I’m not just diving into sleep when I’m exhausted, and I’ve actually stimulated different parts of my brain with electronics. And it’s just kind of a restless sleep when I do that.

Kimberly : 22:15 So what you can do Cindy is to really prepare your body, prepare yourself for deep, deep sleep. And I think that’s really important for your physical body as well. We also know that the brain actually detoxifies, the brain needs proper sleep to be at its full optimal level. And our moods, our abilities to deal with stress are affected by sleep. And again, stress leads to impaired immunity. So you can see that it all starts to fit together from an emotional standpoint and wellbeing standpoint, all around standpoint. I think it’s a wonderful practice to get outside, to bundle up, to go for walks, to get some fresh air, to keep your body moving.

Kimberly : 22:59 And this is important for circulation and walking in particular is something that our diabetic medicine talks about as well. It’s just a great way to keep things going and to also support your digestion. So going for walks either mini-walks, let’s say 10, 15 minutes after meals, or you can do them as one bigger walk like I do. I walk for about an hour a day with Moses and the carrier. So I’m getting a little bit of extra poundage there, and it just feels wonderful to get outside both mentally and physically. So I highly recommend that as well.

Kimberly : 23:33 The other thing to keep your physical body in top shape again, is releasing stress. And one of the best ways to do that is to stay tight with your community, stay tight with your tribe, including our tribe here. And there’s many ways to find our tribe. We are actually revamping our Solluna circle program. So we’ll have that for you in just a few months. We also have, I’m over at Instagram @_kimberlysnyder It’s putting a vibrant community over there, as well as this community. So just a way to connect. So you don’t feel like you’re floating off by yourself. So you don’t start to get into your head, I think is also really, really important, especially as we go into the darker months, especially as we go into winter, you want to stay connected and to your loved ones and to the tribe. And so you will gain strength from that as well.

Kimberly : 24:22 And another thing I would say is to really utilize elixirs this season, we talked about ginger. There’s also some really wonderful, wonderful strengthening herbs that I love, particularly ashwagandha, I love shatavari. I love brahmi, which is for focus and concentration. There’s also the things that you already have in your kitchen, like cinnamon and cardamom and nutmeg and almond milk and tumeric. You can make a wonderful nutmeg with tumeric and ginger or ginger powder and a little bit of black pepper.

Kimberly : 25:02 And I just think hot drinks are the way to really support your body. It’s believed that the heat health allows the ingredients to penetrate deeper into your system, to activate some of the active oils and other parts of the herbs and plant foods that make them really potent. So I highly recommend drinking hot drinks, even if it’s just hot water with lemon and ginger throughout the day. And that’s another great, super accessible, super inexpensive thing, Cindy, that you can do to support your immunity.

Question 4: Do you think having hot water and lemon and the GGS every day is enough to keep my immune system strong?

Kimberly : 25:33 All right. And here we go. Thank you so much, Cindy. The last question is Susie from Utah, where I bet it is getting very chilly. So Susie, I sent you a big virtual hug. And your question is, do you think having hot water and lemon and the GGS every day is enough to keep my immune system strong? So Susie, I think that’s one part of the equation, but as I’ve been talking about all along, I don’t think immunity just comes from things that we ingest. So that’s a theme for this show, if there’s one thing you’re going to take away, yes, you want to drink hot water with lemon. Huge yes. Huge thumbs up. Yes, you want to drink your GGS every day, a 100%, but your body taking the supplements, take your SBO Probiotics, take your Detoxy, sleep well, manage your stress, tune into your community journal, fill your feelings, make some space to meditate in our spiritual cornerstone, make some space to be still.

Kimberly : 26:37 If you listened to the podcast Monday, this past Monday, where I talked about ways to manage anxiety throughout the day, one of the things is we want to just keep, it’s like digesting. When something comes down the pipeline, our body works on it and digest it and then moves on. So what you want to do is you really want to manage stress in little increments throughout the day, so we keep it from accruing and building up until the point where it starts to snowball and just feel overwhelming. So that’s really, really important for your immune system in addition to what you’re taking. Remember beauty, true beauty, true confidence, true vitality, true health, true immunity doesn’t come from just one thing you guys, it comes from this four cornerstone philosophy, which I’m so powerful about sharing because I think it is the key to really getting the best results.

Kimberly : 27:30 If we just do one thing that we get partial results. And at first it may seem like, Oh my gosh, this is it. This is amazing. Which is how I felt with food when I first started well over 10 years ago now, but then you realize that you want to keep going. You want to keep finding the way to a holistic approach, to looking at things in a much more expansive way, because again, that’s how we always get the best results. So Susie keep doing what you’re doing with the water and lemon and the GGS. But please think about adding in some of these other ideals, these other tips, sleep and supplements and so on that we’ve been talking about throughout this entire podcast to your routine to really, really help you amplify and amp up that amazing, amazing immunity of yours.

Kimberly : 28:14 So I hope that you take to heart some of these tips beauties, I hope that you are able to, whether it’s one or two that you really focus on, I encourage you to take a look at it from a four cornerstone perspective and to think about what you can slot in and where you can take some steps going forward in each of the cornerstones, even if it’s a small, very simple step.

Thought of the Week

Kimberly : 28:43 And so I want to leave us with a speaking of simple, of a powerful, but very simple thought of the week that has been on my mind as well, which is a little reminder. We’ve talked about this before, but it’s simply that your point of power is in the present moment. So think about the present moment, bring yourself back to the now, don’t worry so much about the future. We know that there’s a lot going on, so you don’t want to drive yourself crazy and obsessing about the, what ifs and what’s going to happen, which we just have no clue about, right? So I would just encourage you to stay here right now, do the best that you can do really show up for yourself, make that hot water with lemon, take the time to make your GGS, make the space so you can create an evening routine for sleep. Reclaim your power in the now and then once you know that you’ve done your best in the now, then you can relax. Then you can let go. Then you can know that you don’t have to keep obsessing.

Kimberly : 29:45 And yeah, I think that’s the way to keep moving forward and to doing our very, very best. So I send you so much love I’m with you every step of the way as we march forward with confidence and with our best protection into the fall, into the winter, keep your questions coming over @mysolluna.com and remember, again, all the show notes are over on our website, mysolluna.com as well as all the recipes, the elixir recipes, the meditation’s, tons and tons of resources for you beauties and over on Instagram @_kimberlysnyder. So I will see back here on Monday till then take care so much love and see you back here soon.